Thursday, May 24, 2018

Day 52

I have a story. Of course I do.

Yeah,, baby!
First the tag: I had gel plate printed this tag, and added some Distress Oxide ink as well. Then let it sit on the desk for a few days, trying to decide how I wanted to add more contrast. I pulled out some rub-ons, and decided that the small black images would do nicely. Except they didn't rub-on so well. In fact, NOW I know why JoAnn's had these on clearance. These are the Tim Holtz Ranger rub-ons, and basically they fell apart. Some bits stuck to my fingers, some bits stuck to the paper on the desk. Because the tags are mixed media and not representative art, I don't care. Just a word of caution, if you want to use this product you may not get a complete image. Black, sharp, and clear, but not complete.

I then added a light coat of the Utrecht Matte Gel medium to seal the rub-ons to the tag. In the Abstraction class, Ardith talked about supplies. She buys this particular product by the bucket, because it is her favorite. I was almost out of my Liquitex Matte Gel, so I took an online look at this. This is 32 ounces, and DickBlick sells it for $19.95. The same size by Liquitex is anywhere from $32.99 to $37.99, depending on where you shop. I have also tried Golden's Matte Gel. By far, the Utrecht is superior. Has more of a matte finish, spreads easier, I just really enjoyed using this product. And it is obviously cheaper. Sooooo, going to take a look at other Utrecht mediums as well. One never knows, does one?

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Day 51 and I R Nuts

This poor tag has so many layers on it...
I received an email a few days ago from Donna Downey Studios. I have taken a ton of classes from Donna, and enjoy her as an instructor. In the past few years, she veered into oil paints and I did not. I used oils in school, and am now sensitive to odors. Just like the water clean-up of acrylics. But Donna was offering a free (uh huh) Webinair yesterday at 2 different times, on how to paint a face.

Dang. Can't pass that up.

The catch came at the end. She has a new workshop painting 100 faces. Am I obsessed with the number 100? Beginning to sound like it. Because "we" watched the live web stream, "we" were offered a discount. A hefty discount. You guessed it. Out came the credit card. The hook was that we can use either oils or acrylics, although she is working in oils. I just watched the supply video. This will work!

Why am I nuts? I just signed up for another 6 weeks with Ardith Goodwin on Expressionism Abstracts. That starts Saturday. THIS coming Saturday. I now have the first 10 faces from Donna, and the remaining 90 will be added as she does them. But for real, there are going to be 100 faces. We are half way through The 100 Days Project. Almost done with the 26 affirmations, but I'm not.....need to do those.

But. But.....I want to learn more on how to paint faces. I want to learn how to do abstracts that grab the viewer and make them say, WOW. The only way to do that is to paint. To listen to those who know how to paint, and to paint. Over and over again.

This, my friends, is retirement!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Day 50

Obviously, I worked on this last Friday as the news hit about Texas. The attitude about arming teachers and school staff is infuriating.  To me, this tag represents the chaos that now exists in our country.

On another note, I am halfway through the 100 day challenge, and now out of tags. I physically have tags on hand, they just aren't completed. Or really started. Today I will once again get busy.

I have gone back through my Instagram feed to see what the most popular tags are, trying to track if it is a color scheme, or collage, whatever that attracts people. No clue, except the audience seems to like bright colors more than subdued, and contrast more than monochromatic. I am to the point that I try to create something different than what I have already done. There are colors I won't use. Brown. Sorry, brown, just not dynamic or appealing to me. I tend towards all shades of yellow and red. In one of Dina Wakley's classes online, she said if you use colors you don't like, you will not like the finished product. So there is that.

Back to work.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Day 49

The base tag had been gel printed, then more paint added. I wasn't super happy with it, but thought I could make it work. Then while going through my stash of collage papers, I came across this old text page with gel printing on it. Tore off a piece and we were in business. But I wanted some of the color from underneath the tag to show, so tore a hole. That immediately put the lyrics of a Beatles song in my head, "I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in, stop my mind from wandering". So the phrase is courtesy of Sir Paul McCartney.

It's how my mind works, folks.......

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Day 48 and Affirmations

This week's affirmation is UNRAVEL

As in, Gee, this isn't going the way I planned

Tag 48 with b&w accent paper courtesy of Klara

1972. My mom, dad, and me

Add the family dog at the time. His name was Tramp. I called him Moose.
Day 48 is a mixture of collage and paint. Using collage elements is one of the techniques that Ardith encourages us to add to our paintings. I have always enjoyed playing with collage, and I think that is a hold over from scrap booking to mixed media. Probably the main reason why most mixed media artists came from the paper craft era.

Weekly Affirmation: I was thinking of Washington, DC when I did this tag. Remember to vote this year. It is more important now than it was even 6 months ago. VOTE!!!

I was going through old photos the other night, trying to find something to use as a basis for a drawing for Ardith's class. Came across 4 black and white photos, no date on the back, of my parents and me. Based on the length of my hair and the bell bottoms, I am guessing 1972 or 73. I had some fairly wide bell bottoms. How I walked and didn't whip myself to death is a mystery. But I do remember when it rained, bell bottom blue jeans were a stupid fashion statement. All of that material dragging on the ground (yeah, another fashion statement, so the ends would fray) would get soaked. Great workout, though. No wonder I weighed 115 pounds!

So in this photo, if it was 1972, I was 24 or 25 depending on the time of year, my dad was 60, my mom 59 or 60, depending on when it was taken. Both my mom and I have birthdays in November. Tramp was 2. My baby. He was a good dog.

Who else had plants on every window sill in the house? That was my mom. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day 47

Get it???
If you never watched the old X Files, Fox Mulder is the name of the main character who investigates strange cases known as the X Files. I was and still am a huge fan of the original 7 seasons. This past season sucked eggs, in my humble opinion. But back in the 90's, the scripts were inventive, daring, strange, and very often hilarious. One of my favorite television episodes ever, from any series, is the vampire episode. I recently watched it again, which was probably the 15th time, and laughed.

This tag was gel printed in Ohio, and I borrowed Tracie's Natalie Kalbach stamp set for the X's. I then ordered my own. So X's were added the other day when the tag was completed.

One of the main take aways for me with this 100 day project is continuously adding paint, ink, stamping, whatever to the base tag. Prior to starting this, I would take a tag that had gel plate paint on it, and leave it as is. No more. I am now pulling out paint, or markers, or water colors, and enhancing what is already there. This is no exception. I added Distress Oxide blue, darkened the gold/yellow with markers, and added some olive green.  The lessons learned with the Ardith Goodwin abstraction class are also creeping into all of my work. Contrast, contrast, contrast will make or break a project. She is absolutely right. I am liking what I see more now than when I started 7 weeks ago. Dang. Time is flying. We are almost half way.

Onward. Anyone watching the wedding? I wasn't invited.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Day 46

Why yes, there is a story

See those raised white spots?

Day 46
When we were in Ohio, Klara graciously opened her scrap box and told us all to help ourselves. I started to rummage, and found strips of this black paper with raised white spots. I took one. I have cut it down, and was going to hoard it completely when I decided I wanted more. So sent a text to Klara, asking if she bought it or did she make it? She made it, with Golden's black fluid acrylic and puff paint. Hmmmm. Puff paint.

I had every intention of going to Michael's yesterday to purchase puff paint. Yeah, no, the day became too busy and that didn't happen. Last night I sent another text to Klara, verifying what type of paint I needed. "The Tulip paint we bought for Jane's class". Ding. Ding. Ding. The bells went off in my head. I bought that paint last year. It's in that room....somewhere....hidden....mocking me. Thought about it for a minute, and found it right away. I already had the paint. This is why we have friends who create right along with us.

Today's tag has two, and the inside reveals a handmade sticker that Tracie gave me. Love it.

On the agenda today, along with a zillion other things that I should be doing, I am planning on making black paper with white dots, and white paper with black dots. Or lines.  I also must start my last painting for the Ardith class. Must. Enjoy yourselves.