Sunday, January 15, 2017

We're Bored!

Don't yell at us! YOU got up to go to the bathroom. Not our fault.

Destroying the last of her Christmas present from Dega.


I would love to know what she is thinking.

Why yes, I did just bark at my toy. Your point?
My dogs rule.

That is all.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


From a Balzer stencil, cheap craft paint

Why yes, there is a story

I just love how this turned out. So random.

The caption states "She sells Mary Kay". I apologize if you do.

Watercolor drawing from a photo in Vanity Fair

Another water color/Neocolor II drawing from an ad
I'm glad I have so many craft/art type interests, because if I become bored with one, I just move on to another. Expensive, but fun. Lately I am once again obsessed with faces. The last two I did last night within 2 hours. Not happy with the flowers around the long haired girl, but it is what it is. I just have a horrible time with flowers.

The double page spread using a Balzer stencil was a mishap. I used too much black Dylusions paint, which is quite thick, to stencil on the right.  When I lifted the stencil, I realized what I had done. Grabbed the spray bottle, gave the stencil a quick spritz or two of water, then laid in down on the opposite page. Yeah. Love, love, love that technique.

The dogs and I will be in all weekend due to an ice storm, so after cleaning and laundry, back to the studio. Stay safe.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, oh Friday. At last

Working on some large tags again

The start of a project from Creative Jumpstart 2017. It didn't go well. Stay tuned.
I have been working on bits and pieces, back and forth from art journaling to tags, to wondering what the hell I'm doing. But I wanted to pass along some information in case anyone is interested.

Rae Missigman is an artist that I admire. She is starting a free challenge on Sunday, January 15th to make marks everyday for 30 days. It is in the hope this will instill the habit. I am going to play along, and will share some of it here. To visit her blog, go here.

Creative Jumpstart 2017 has been very interesting, and I'm glad I signed up. It's 30 days of inspiration, videos, interviews, and just plan good information. I may not like every style represented, but you can always learn something. We registered early at a discount, so mentioning this now for next year. I will definitely do it again.

Artscape in Dublin, OH will be April 27th to April 30th. I attended this on the Friday last year for a class with Carolyn Dube. They don't have the classes or the instructors listed on their website yet, but I will post that when it is available. On Friday evening, there is a marketplace that you have to purchase a ticket to attend. Filled with mixed media type vendors, you can buy ephemera (vintage letters and envelopes, books, ribbons, etc.), stencils, stamps, Gel Press plates, all types of neat supplies. A great place to connect with like minded individuals. (Hi, Klara and Tracy!!!)

That's all I got. We have an ice storm moving in later today. I am hitting Michael's this morning in case there is something I need (laughing as I type this), and will hunker down with the dogs to play while the ice collects.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Random Thoughts

The long living room wall above the couch. I wasn't happy with this arrangement.

As of yesterday, adding the very top piece and rearranging. THIS makes me happy.

One more large tag added to the metal gate

Gracie, supervising. Actually, wanting her ears massaged.
I can't stand bare walls in my house. To me, and this is entirely my opinion, what you put up on the walls helps define your home. It makes a house a home, adds character, color, textures. Last winter, I did an arrangement on the opposite living room wall with the big yellow clock, and a few other pieces. I wanted to expand that across the wall and above the television cabinet. I did. It looked like crap.

So it all came down, and I rearranged 3 walls. I also collect art work in poster form, reproductions, from the places I have visited. That all was removed from above the couch, and now hangs opposite. Why am I telling you this? My blog. No, seriously, I realized yesterday that all of the classes I take online for creating art, for using colors in complimentary patterns has translated to how I view what is on my walls. And that now the walls are one giant canvas.

I am in so much trouble.....

Monday, January 9, 2017


Oversized Ranger tag

Smaller, 6 1/4 x 2 3/4 I think

The metal memo gate hanging in my kitchen.
I put all of my Christmas decorations away on December 26th. Yeah, I know. Scrooge. So this blank memo gate has been starring at me for 2 weeks. Yesterday it was windy, cold, but sunny. I told the dogs to amuse themselves looking out a window, and went into the studio to create some new, colorful tags.

I purchased the month long class, Creative Jumpstart, this year. The second video was with Mystele Kirkeeng, who specializes in primitive or outsider style art. From that, I went to Mystele's Etsy shop and purchased her Gel Press class, which was only $12. I really, really enjoy the process of the Gel plates, but I'm never happy with my results. It seems the longer I do it, the less I like it. In Mystele's class you learn how to use the plate as a stamp. Yeah, boy.

First of all, I used the 3x5 plate for most of the above. (The top left image is something I purchased at an art fair several years ago in Zionsville, IN. The top middle tag I did last year.) I have a collection of small stencils, and wanted to mix and match for lots of layers. On the last few passes, I switched to the 2x2 Gel Press square. Finished up with running the Ranger Black Soot distress ink pad around the edges, and stamping some Donna Downey quotes. The eye is a new stamp from, as are the small paint brush and pen images.

The most important aspect I took away from this is: using a smaller Gel plate forces you to limit the paint, giving you a totally different type of print. One that appears to have more texture. It is easier to obtain a "ghost" print as well, which is my favorite part. It is way easier to put paint exactly where you want to fill in.

I am loving the process. Try it. Enjoy.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Inspiration Wednesday 2017

First IW2017 spread Jan 4th

A new year, a new Inspiration Wednesday journal. This will be the last year Donna Downey is doing this class, which makes me sad. I do understand after so many years, she is probably tired of it.

Thankfully for me, I had the 2 Donna stencils that she used for this first IW. We first applied gesso to seal the pages, then used the jar holding the paint brushes with Golden Light Molding Paste. We also used the paste to wrap the words from the "art is" stencil around the inclusion. I love this idea and will undoubtedly use it again. I let that dry, then did a light wash of Golden Teal in fluid acrylic. Let that dry, applied more gesso where the teal paint had grabbed a bit too heavy, and waited again. The glaze is Raw Umber, as always. Donna had adhered an old paint brush to the jar full of brushes. I didn't want to start the year with so much bulk, so I pulled out a new stamp. Ordered this a few weeks ago. It's small (about 2 inch long) images of various paint brushes, pens, artist tools. There are 12 on the stamp, so I made 2 tags, using all of the images. Distressed the tags and attached with the date.

Made me happy.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


The above photos are from December 12, 2010. I thought it would be fun to visit some mini albums I've made in the past that were focused more on scrapbooking than on mixed media or painting. And now I remember how much I loved these. This particular album was sold at a craft show the following year.

The base was a chipboard album from Maya Road - their oversized luggage tag. I used that form for albums and for wall hangings. The paper is from KaiserCraft, a company that is still with us. Always unique, always a best seller, Cathy and I loved working with both the paper and embellishments.

It's snowing here. Will try to spend the afternoon in the studio, with "let us out so we can come back in" breaks for the dogs. Thanks for stopping by.