Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gel Prints

I watched an online tutorial on gel printing with leaves from Gel Press the other day. The artist was the incredible Birgit Koopsen, and I could never hope to duplicate the results that she attains. Her work is sooooo good. Sigh. There are a few points to ponder:

Birgit was using cheap acrylic paints in a bottle. The $.79 a bottle variety. They contain a lot of water. I used my tube heavy body acrylics, Artist Loft and Liquitex, that I have had for a few years. They are going bad, in that some of the colors are super thick and grainy. I think I will have a massive gel printing afternoon very soon to use them up.

I remembered that I had pressed 5 leaves in an old dictionary last year, then never used them. So that is what I pulled out for this. They are still intact and can be used again. But I also plan on picking up some leaves out of the yard to try for comparability.

I scanned the above 5 prints into my computer to use for future projects, instead of taking close-up photos. It makes the above slightly more pixel intense. Grainy.

Both dogs whine if I spend too much time with the Gel Press. I offered lessons, but they aren't having any. This is my life.

Monday, November 20, 2017

I Hate Winter

Saturday, all freaking day

Saturday night

Tim Holtz snowman stamp with Ranger's new embossing silver powder

Tim Holtz snowflakes stamp, same powder

Tim Holtz stamp with the chunky gold embossing powders
It rained Saturday. That is an understatement. It poured, with thunder, lightning, high winds all day long on Saturday. Jake has never been afraid of storms. I think we have hit the mark on aging dog syndrome, because Saturday he was glued to my side. Gracie too, but I expected that. If Jake could get on my lap, he did. Sigh. I stayed home and massaged paws, rubbed shoulders, and talked in a calm voice to them all day.

After cleaning and the laundry, done by 10am, I started working on art projects. I purchased a new product that Ranger has brought out, a complete line of embossing powders with a shabby slant. The silver and gold are above. I was never big on using embossing powders in scrap books or on cards, so I am really late to the game. But the samples at the store were intriguing, and I bought 3 bottles. The other is Shabby White, which I plan on using on black cardstock with a tree stamp

I will be doing a lot more in the studio with this weather. I hate winter. It is beautiful if it snows, stays for one day, then melts. Done. But the rain and dark days are depressing. Not a fan.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Works in Progress

The top two photos are 9x12 canvas boards with layers upon layers of paint, deli papers that were stenciled and painted, various other papers, gesso, you name it and it probably landed on these boards. These are parts of two whole projects that I can't show you because they might or might not be winging their way to some people because it's almost that time of year.

How vague was that?

But. Yeah, but I had a lot of fun doing these and it kind of brought me back to my mixed media roots from all of the old She Art videos I did years ago. More to come.

I had a discussion with one of my class participants on how, as we grow older, we are moving away from eating a lot of meat. Her favorite vegetable is carrots. I had already added them to my shopping list, so the next night I fixed a pound of carrots. Whether it was my mood or her suggestion, I don't know, but the entire pound was finished in less than 24 hours. To taunt her while she was at work, because it's me, people, I took this pic and sent it to her in a text. Her reply? YUMMMM!!

My kind of people.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


What the hell, mom?
Gracie is the older of the two dogs, and has been with me since she was 6 weeks old. Jake I rescued from the local shelter when he was approximately 9 months old. I do not hit my dogs. I will speak in a harsh "mom" voice when the need arises.

I can do just about anything with Jake. Gracie? Not so much.

This was a torn apart by both dogs Christmas stocking. It was a very cold winter day, and we were all bored in the living room. Jake's ear were cold to my touch, so I tied this around his head. I do believe he would have left it on if Gracie hadn't been laughing so hard.....

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Art Journaling

Ad I tore out of magazine so I could draw an Asian face

I knew almost immediately it wasn't going to turn out, so I turned into an X-Files alien

Did a quick collage, but wasn't happy with it so let it sit overnight

Now it is more cohesive, has movement. I like it.

Some of my friends have weird senses of humor. Not all, but some.
The shirt was a Christmas present from last year, that I did not receive until June of this year. I wore it this past weekend. Sucker is really warm, but not too many places I will be taking my coat off if I am wearing that.

I have actually been art journaling quite a bit, just not super happy with what I am producing. This is the second Asian face I have tried. I see what I should be drawing, but what comes out on the paper is not remotely correct or representative of the sample photograph. Try it. The face looks so easy, with well defined features. Yeah. Let me know how that goes.

So the collage is a way to just quickly release frustration, to put something down that will be pleasing to me. If I let the unsatisfying faces take over, I will stop journaling. I don't want to do that. The habit is back and I want to keep it going.

Go create something.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Boring Weekend

Jake, you're in my spot. Jake's butt is barely on the bed.

I am not moving, Gracie.

Do not look at the camera, Jake. Stop looking.

You are hopeless!

I am so handsome

This better not be making my nose look big, mom.

Go away already.

Saturday turned out really nice, so after debating if I could stay out of the bathroom, we ended up at the dog park. Immodium is our friend! In retrospect, I'm happy we had that opportunity on Saturday because Sunday was dark and wet.

In between paw massages and shoulder rubs, I have been working on art projects.. Just not sure what I want to share at this point. So many new ideas are swimming around in my head from recent classes that I have gone back through the latest journals and applied either gesso or black paint over parts of pages. I know, I know. You should leave the art you hate as a reminder of what you did, or that you can do better, whatever. And some of it will survive. Just that I had one page that made me cringe every time I flipped past it. So black paint went over the parts I just did not want to see again. Now I'm happy.

Just signed up for a new class with a new-to-me instructor that I found on Facebook. Renata Loree. You can find her here. The name of the class that will begin December 16th is Soulful Whimsy, and we will make 3 journals. One can never have too many journals, right? But this approach is to put all of the backgrounds down first, fold up into journal size, then finish it. That appeals to me because I've never done this before. And there just might be a supply I have to buy. (Hi, Tracie!) Plus, I have been admiring her work on Facebook, so this will take me down a path I have not tried.

The stack of things to complete will grow!

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Falling Leaves

Jake is summer, 2011, shortly after I brought him home from the shelter

Yesterday. Thanks for the pile of leaves, mom!

Let me stick my nose down here, something smells good

Jake, the leaves are sticking to your fur.

If I plop my body down in the middle of this pile, she can't put them in the bag.
I give you two versions of Jake. When I brought him home in May, 2011, he was kind of timid and very respectful of Gracie. Clinging to me was the standard. Now? He is still a huge mama's boy, but Gracie stopped being the alpha a long, long time ago. He lulled her into a false sense of security.

The only drawback I have found to having a 6 foot wood privacy fence is that the leaves off of the 4 trees in the back yard stay in the back yard. Dang. Lots of raking going on this week. I have more to do today and probably tomorrow, but have to space it out due to my back. Jake has never displayed a need to jump into piles of leaves until yesterday. Too funny. That's my boy.

Have a great weekend.