Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Tag

Point I stopped at on Monday

Completed tag as of Tuesday

The Tim Holtz Christmas display at the 86th street Michael's
I found some oversized "thickboard" tags at Palette and Paper in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. They were used on Tim's blog by various designers, and I wanted to try a specific project. I was then on the great craft supply hunt to find all of the Ideaology parts required to make anything Tim inspired this season. Palette and Paper had some, some we ordered online. NO ONE had everything in a store. Until I walked into this Michael's yesterday and found this display, on sale, for 50% off.

This is the kind of friend I am: I snapped this photo and sent it to Cathy in a text message, asking what she wanted. She did indeed want the little wood circles, so they went into the cart. It is not enough that I am obsessive/compulsive about certain supplies, nooooo. I have to drag my friends along with me down that merry path.

The thickboard tags are by Stampers Anonymous, in case you are searching. 3 in a pack for around $6.

All of the colored scrap book paper is Tim's collection for Christmas this year. I love that black print. The Christmas Carol music paper is from a very old stamp set of Tim's. I stamped it on mixed media paper, then aged it with Distress inks. Did the same for the Merry Christmas and Dec 25th stampings as well. The rusty star is from my stash, and I do not remember where it came from. Probably online a few years ago. The wreath I made with rebar wire, and some mini pine garland, with the final addition in holly vine. I added a few red berries for a pop of color.

If you are searching for inspiration this season, go to Tim Holtz's blog. There are six weeks of posts from amazing, crafty and talented women. This particular design is from Week 2.

Have fun. Stay Merry. And THANK YOU Alabama. We love you.

Monday, December 11, 2017


The tree in the main lobby of The Merchandise Mart in Chicago

Lunch was a bottle of water and a meatless salad. $13.75. Uh huh

A belated birthday present from Pat

Cocoa. Always in pearls and now sporting a coat
I had a 3 day weekend in Chicago for Christmas. Have not seen everyone for months, so this was also a catch-up trip. We had a wonderful time, and now that I am home, I fully realize there were too many people I did not get to see. This just gets harder as you age.

On Friday I went to the annual ONE OF A KIND show at the Mart. Over 600 artists bring their wares for a 4 day selling show. Seth Apter had announced in August that he was going to be there, and because I took his class in Wisconsin, he offered all of us free passes. THAT, my friends, was the only thing free. Round trip train ride from south suburbs to downtown: $15.00. Cab fares from Randolph and Michigan to The Mart: $15. Lunch (????): $13.75. I also purchased art from Seth, and some cinnamon goodies that I gave to Pat after eating two. She was unable to join me on this adventure due to an electric outage. Consolation prize.

I love Chicago, I truly do. It is my birthplace, my hometown. But there is no way I could travel into that city 5 days a week as I did for 11 years. And Metra? That union needs to teach it's people to be kind and thoughtful for out of town travelers. Just saying.....

Thanks for stopping by.
"Destination" by Seth Apter. Now mine. I love the patina.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

TBT and Today

June 10, 2013 on my bed

June 10, 2013

December 6, 2017

December 6, 2017

December 6, 2017
My babies.

They have the ability to aggravate me, upset me, and wear me out. However. There is absolutely nothing like a furbaby hug when you, the human, need one. Both dogs are becoming more affectionate with age, more clinging. That's okay. We can go down that path together.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Roben Marie's tag class yet again

When you open the larger tag, this is the inside

And then flip open the smaller tag book

This is the last page, which is actually the back of the tag

The smaller tag was covered with gel printed deli paper, both on the inside and outside covers. I used a copy/printer weight paper that had been gel printed to cut the 3 inside pages to make a signature. Because the back of that piece of paper was blank, as you flip the pages one page has paint, one did not. Out came some stamps and Archival ink in Vermilion. I also added 2 Tim Holtz Ideaology cards.

This class is great fun, and I hope you check it out. Thanks, Roben!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Roben Marie's tag class

Front of tag book

Inside covers

The smaller tag book that is now glued inside the larger tag
I finished this last night after the sun set, and have yet to take photos of the final version. I don't do flash photography any more for posting, because it just looks fake.

This is Roben-Marie Smith's new online class, TAGS. And we are going to try this again in giving you a link here. In this class you will watch her make 6 different tags, or tag books as in this case. All of the projects are fairly fast. This was something I needed to kick start me into using up old papers. I am so proud of myself. I DID NOT BUY ONE ADDITIONAL SUPPLY TO MAKE THIS! (Hi, Tracie!) except the class itself.

Paper on the front of the tag is genuine old ledger paper purchased at an antique store in Mooresville, IN. I was saving it. Yesterday I asked myself, for what? Ripped out a large page. The colored rectangle is a piece of gel printed deli paper, as are the papers on the smaller tag book. The circled paper on the inside cover is deli paper that I "printed" with a bottle cap and black paint last summer.  I do print, apply, stamp on deli papers and then put them in a container to promptly forget about. Yeah, no. Went through all of them yesterday, and now know some I will keep to use for projects like this, some are going to the great landfill for proper burial.

I machine stitched around both tags. More to come!

Monday, December 4, 2017


MOM! I was here first. Make him move.

So bored. Why are you not paying attention to me?

If I promise to be really, really good, can we go to the park?
Dogs. They know how to pull on your heart strings. Every. Single. Time.

You gotta love them.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tags and Gel Printing

2 of the tags after I stopped printing the other day

Done, with more printing, stamps, ink

This stamp so reminds me of Cathy. She agreed.

Love my numbers

Gracie May Sue at the dog park
I grabbed several tags in the gel plate printing frenzy, and was not happy with the first pass. That would be 2 of the batch in the first photo. So yesterday I got out one of the smaller plates and added some printing, remembering what Robin Marie said about using white paint inbetween layers of color. Still was not happy, so we went to the dog park for over an hour. The fresh air cleared my brain.

When we arrived home, I had one of my Black Friday packages in the mailbox. A bunch of discontinued stamps from PaperBag Studios (Robin Marie). Her stuff is so unique, so I had to try it. The dogs and I settled down to watch an old movie, and I stamped away with no intention but seeing how the clear the images would be.

This is the beauty of mixed media. If you truly do not like a project at a stage, just keep going and perhaps something will reveal in front of you as you add to the paper. Yeah. There are 2 that I love. The one with the shoes, and the stack of numbers. I also added Distress Ink around the edges. Some are in Mahogany, some in Walnut.

Having fun. And that is the point, isn't it?