Wednesday, November 14, 2018

This was fun!

5.5x8.5 matted to 5x7 for framing

double page spread in the small Dylusions journal. Paint and collage

Sorry for the bad photo, but I had to hold the card and tilt it to show the embossing
Cathy and I have started going to a local shop called Smokey Creations in Danville, IN. The owner is Heather, and she sells a variety of handmade journals, greeting cards, her own canvases, and gift items. She also carries a small selection of art supplies. Heather advertised a Christmas card class for $25, using watercolors from Golden. I have not tried these, so we signed up.

She first gave us 8 precut pieces of Tim Holtz watercolor paper and one set of Tim's Christmas stamps. We stamped whatever images we liked in Versa ink, then added embossing powder. This is also Tim's brand, and it turned out very nice. After all 8 cards were embossed, we started to use the watercolors to paint, however we wanted. QOR is the name of the paint, and after using Daniel Smith watercolors for months, I can honestly say I will stick with the Smith. QOR is a thicker, more opaque paint due to a difference in the binders used. The colors are vibrant. I tried mixing a few and had no luck achieving what I wanted. This is just my personal opinion, but to me QOR is more of an acrylic than a true watercolor.

But my thanks to Heather for a great class, and giving us the idea for a lot of future cards. This was a lot of fun, and the time just flew. We will return for other class offerings.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Morning play

5.5x8.5, but will mat to a 5x7

Jake on the couch, so I can't move.
It takes longer to put together the little collages then it does to draw and paint the whimsical animals. Although I truly enjoy doing these, I am feeling the need to get back into an art journal and make a mess. Or make a large collage without the watercolor.

If watercolor painting interests you, may I suggest you follow Toni Burt on Facebook or Instagram. She has been doing some still life style painting of glasses and fruit that are stunning. Such a hard medium to learn, but I think that is part of the joy.

Enjoy yourselves.

Friday, November 9, 2018

What to do?

I feel like this is still incomplete.

Bought this coloring book at Hobby Lobby for inspiration on drawing

Before the water color dog and flower

Instagram yesterday

And this is why we loved him all these years. Hair: yes!
I seem to be having a great time with the collage part of these projects, and struggling with the water colors. I am doing this in the order that Danielle Donaldson does in her classes, which is first the collage, attach to the paper, then fit the drawing and painting within that framework. The first 3 I did were reversed. So. Thinking that I like doing the water color portion first, and then adding collage. Just the way my own brain works.

Have a chance for snow/rain mix today, so staying home with the fur babies and working on the house and art. Have a good one.

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Did the above yesterday to keep my mind off the fact I feel like crap. PIcked up a weird stomach bug where you feel like you swallowed a brick, and it is just sitting there. I find these pieces very meditative. Choosing different patterns and colors just puts me right in the creative zone, and before you know it, it's time for the dog's dinner. THEY let me know, don't worry.

Using a mechanical pencil to draw the houses and trees, Daniel Smith watercolors as paint. Boom. Done.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Watercolors and Collage

9x12.5 paper base

Found out the hard way that sewing baker's twine is not easy

This is also 9x12.5

I have 3 Fire bushes out front, and this year they are all brilliant

Grabbed a plain white mat from Hobby Lobby. What a difference!
This is a challenge, which I am always up for, and a fantastic learning experience. I found that the most expensive watercolor paper is NOT my favorite. Started another piece yesterday on Arches 140lb paper, which is pretty much universally rated as the best. I am having to fight it constantly. The paint wants to run where I don't want it to go, and I have been unable to lift the wandering puddles with a clean brush. My conclusion is to put this paper away and go back to Strathmore. The one directly above is on the yellow cover Strathmore paper, the 300 series. My personal favorite is in the brown cover, the 400 series.

Any artist will tell you that water colors are the most difficult medium to master. Yeah, boy. I doubt I will ever master them, but each project is teaching me something new. I purchased another Danielle Donaldson class yesterday. This is one of her older classes, expanding on the collage/storybooks and painting houses. Looking forward to trying that. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Monday Stuff

5x8  watercolor with collage

Jake, wondering why we aren't at the dog park

My darling girl who needs to chill
First of all, my friend Jean just posted on Facebook how she loves standard time. Here is my deal: Gracie does not look at the clock. Gracie does not care that we move the clocks back and forward. Gracie goes by her own internal alarm. So now that we are back on standard time, which is actually the true "sun" time, we are all up at 4a.m. instead of 5a.m. Yes. This is just so much fun, I can't even translate the feeling into words. Can you read my lips?

Secondly, Facebook is become more than I want to deal with. Got an email that someone tried to change my password, was it me? Can you reply to that email? No, you cannot. So I hunted on the site until I found support, and sent them a message. Have not heard back. Yesterday morning I see notifications from a Vegan social group. So I go to their page, and guess what? I am a member! I am not Vegan. Nor am I a vegetarian. Got out of the group, but this made me think about other strange stuff going on. I sincerely doubt people that I tag in posts are always seeing the posts. My solution is to slowly, as I feel like it, to get out of various groups I have joined and become less of a target.

Back to art. Trying various watercolor papers that I have purchased over the years. So far have found only one that I truly like for the techniques that Danielle Donaldson teaches. The other papers I will use for mixed media projects and not watercolor. But. I must shop. You saw that coming, didn't you? I want to try Arches paper, which I can get with a coupon at Hobby Lobby. Has excellent reviews. I also started comparing prices between Michael's (the highest even with coupons), Hobby Lobby (sometimes the cheapest with the 40% coupon), and Blick. The regular price at Blick on a Strathmore best paper pad in the brown cover is half of Michael's.  Yep. Sometimes it is worth paying for shipping, or going to the amount they set for free shipping.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 2, 2018

More on the bunnies

Finished piece ready for framing. I am happy with how this turned out.

You really didn't think I was going to let you get up, did you mom?
If you are interested in seeing more of the whimsical watercolors with "storybooks", please search on Pinterest for Danielle Donaldson art. She does a ton of these, and not just animals. I am loving the challenge of the collages, due to the space constraint. You have to remind yourself about scale and composition constantly. But so much fun!

I sat down on the couch yesterday to put my feet up, and Jake joined me. I still think he is part cat.
Enjoy your weekend.