Sunday, January 26, 2020

Snow. Cold. Wet. Winter

Colors in background started as testing the discounted Amsterdam inks

Collage and acrylic paint over the inks

I was just having fun. No reason, nothing to say

Pulled out some very, very old diecuts from scrapbooking days

Jake helping with the process

Gracie being bored
I never left the house yesterday. Cleaned, did laundry, then played in art journals all afternoon. Watched some art videos. It felt good to have a "down" day. I have been subbing for other instructors at work, and this old body is tired. Time to rest and recuperate.

The plan is for more art related projects today. Take care of yourselves.

PS: Hobby Lobby has some art supplies marked down on clearance again. In particular, some paint pens and the Amsterdam acrylic inks. I tried those inks on the first 2 pages above, and really like them. Prices went from $6.99 to $1.74. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

All over the place

8x8 Dylusions journal, first lesson in Waterbabies with Gulfsprite

I then tried it in the Strathmore watercolor journal

Collage, acrylic, watercolor, gouache in Dylusions journal

Gulfsprite is encouraging us to try and tell a story with collage and our own art. I enjoyed this spread. Cut out all of the watches from Vanity Fair and Harpers Bazaar. Originally I was going to use the line from Alice in Wonderland, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. But then I decided to make it more up to date. The white and darker blue/green stripe is the Himi gouache on top of the acrylic, and this was very easy to apply. I used only graphite to draw, and Daniel Smith watercolors on the girl.

The exercise with the leaves taught me that I once again need to watercolor on watercolor paper. I have not done that in quite awhile, and this was challenging. Sigh. Too many journals.....

Be happy. Be content. Be kind.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Winter? Crap!

Jake likes to get comfortable on the living room couch in the afternoon

Rear view of Miss Gracie on my bed. Notice how she stretches out completely to take up more room.

What, Mom?

Mom, would you gently rub my inner thigh, please?

Kind of inspired by Susie LaFond on Instagram. My relatives in the photo

Just practice while watching tv at night

The demon woman is me, age 21, Carbondale, IL.

This was a paint clean off page that I then added whatever. Had to journal to sort out my mind

Girl is a Gulfsprite download from Etsy. Gel printing on an old benefits book from Ford. Nothin is sacred.
I have been working on some form of art every day. Don't always remember to take photos, and then the photos don't always upload to Dropbox automatically. Technology. What ya gonna do? All of the above pages are in the Canson Mixed Media journal, but I have been moving back and forth between a growing stack of 6 journals. I need to finish up some of these, and that is kind of the point. Some were started in 2017, and it's time to close them up and move on.

Today will be an art day. It is bitter cold, windy, and nasty. We had a ton of rain and now everything is frozen. Let the sirens begin.....

Stay warm.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Done and moving on

Shading, journaling and a few doodles were the final steps

One of his favorite spots to nap now

Gracie will put just a bit of distance between us and whine.
The above are the most involved journal pages I have ever created, but it was fun, informative, and relaxing at the same time. Gulfsprite has shown us how to look for areas that need cohesion to the page(s), and tie it all in with color. Going to start another double page spread today, and I have been drawing again. Now have pages lined up to paint.

Gracie turned 11 in December and now has a few quirks that I can only assume come with being a senior dog. She whines a lot. She wants my complete attention, a lot. She now will seek me out in the house when she wants to be reassured that all is well in her world. If I am standing, she shoves her head between my legs for me to rub her back. Because we are old together, I do what I think she wants and needs. I gain comfort from taking care of her. But I am very aware that our time together is running out. Breaks my heart.

I am grateful for my dogs, because they have given me loyalty and love.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Work In Progress, but unfortunately, not today

  This is a brand new 8x8 Dylusions journal. Because. No other reason, I wanted another one and they were on sale a few weeks back at So, yeah. Anyway, I took Gulfsprite's suggestion and started in the middle of the journal. She seems to be having good luck with her journal not getting all wonky and bulky by flipping back and forth to the middle of the signatures.

I drew the girl, then copied her on my printer at home. Cut her out. The man in the corset is from a Vanity Fair magazine last year. The cranberries came from a magazine I bought at Half Price Books, and the 2 weird hair models were also from a Vanity Fair. Lavender, blue, and red paints are all by Martha Stewart, for no other reason than I liked those colors. All of the pieces were adhered with a glue stick.

A few thoughts: painting with watercolor on top of copy paper is not easy. The paint will not move, so you best know exactly what you want before the brush hits the paper. Acrylic paint is fine. Her hair is all acrylics. The grey shading is a Tombow brush pen moved with a wet brush. This is not done. I am stuck. I know I need to add something, but not sure if it should be doodles, or more collage or washi tape, or......So. My solution is to wait for the 3rd and final video in this class. And start another double page spread because this was way too much fun.

I recommend trying a collage. Recycle. Laugh at what happens. You just might feel better.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Someone turn off the rain, please

Collage in process from The Melting Pot level in Patreon, Gulfsprite

I have done this in watercolors as a warm-up, but never with acrylics and collage

Inspired from somewhere on Instagram

Doodles while watching tv at night

The girl is an Etsy download from Gulfsprite

Gracie: if I position myself just right, I can take up almost the entire width of this bed
I am paying the Mail Art level in Patreon for Gulfsprite. That entitles me to all of the class videos she posts for the tiers. One of the tiers is Melting Pot, which encompasses collage, painting, mixed media. The first video is drawing our own art work on copy paper, then copying it, cutting it out and using it in a collage with magazine images, book pages, whatever you want. Christy wanted to see where we were heading before affixing it all, so I attached elements with washi tape and took this shot. I will post the completed page. This is kick starting me again, and I love that.

Took a class about a year ago where the instructor recommended drawing small (ish) squares on watercolor paper, then practicing painting in each square. I'm sure I posted that, but never thought to do it with acrylic paints and collage. Again, I wanted something I could do on my lap while in the living room due to dogs needing attention during the endless rain storms. (we got between 5 and 6 inches of rain from Thursday to this morning). THIS was a blast, and I already have another page like it in progress. Makes me think each square but also the entire composition. I will be doing this again as well.

The girl with the dark yellow hair is in Himi Gouache, which I talked Tracie into buying (Hi, Tracie), so wanted her to see what it can do. The flowers at the bottom are Arteza Brush Pens. I use those almost on every page. The flower page are all Arteza and the Uniball black pen that is waterproof.

Little Monster page. If you are looking for collage elements that are whimsical, Gulfsprite is still on Etsy and has reduced the prices to $1 per download. Yep. A buck. The Little Monster download is 15 pages, 18 pages, ??? Not sure. I just hit print and sat there watching the pages spit out. So this girl is from that package. The colored paper to her right is Jane Davenport tissue that was reduced to $2.47 at Michael's, and the paper to the left is gel print fodder I did on newsprint. I just wanted color. A page full of color that didn't remind me of this weather.

Onward. Stay safe everyone.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Aches and Pains

This is from the Drawing tier on Gulfsprite's Patreon. There are 5 or 6 tiers this year, and she is starting us on a journey of drawing whimsical faces as she does. I did this in less than 15 minutes while watching the video. If you are interested, this tier is just $5 a month. Go to to sign up for Patreon. This is a French artist that I follow on Instagram and by email. She is a painter, but also does art journaling that is extremely complex and gorgeous. Usually starts with a magazine image, or image transfer, or a copy of her own work. I have watched this once, and now want to add to every single journal page in my current books. Ya gotta laugh, right? Enjoy!