Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Random Thoughts

The last canvas in a group of three

All three

A work in progress - Junk Journal

Dega, helping his mom take brown paper packing out of  a box

Jake, cooling down in front of a fan
I have been grabbing small chunks of time each day to work in the studio, and it is paying off. Things are actually being completed. Imagine that?

Now that I have the three 10x10 canvases done, I am thinking they will stay in my house for awhile before going to a show/store to be sold. Really like the simplicity of these, the muted colors. I have plenty of other canvases to rip off the walls and send off to new homes. Hopefully.

Random: I really, really need to change the old beach towel on the art table. Dang, it is nasty.

It was extremely uncomfortable yesterday afternoon outdoors. The dogs had been out for less than 15 minutes, and when they came in all they wanted to do was find a cool spot and lie down. I turned a fan on for Jake, and there he plopped. With his legs spread apart. Yep, that's my boy.

The new Junk Journal is a cut up Amazon box. Just used a razor knife to slice down the flaps on the fold line. All eight pieces were in good shape, although I did remove the packing tape and stickers. If you want to try this, I used a brayer to apply a light coat of gesso before using paint. The gesso is "underwear" for your substrate. (According to Dina Wakely and Donna Downey). I coated both sides, because I intended to paint both sides. I then brayer on various paints. Mostly used Martha Stewart craft paint in matte finish. I like the colors, but won't be buying anymore. Carolyn Dube pointed out to the class in Ohio that, per ounce, Martha's paint is more expensive than fine art quality paint you can purchase on sale. And Martha rarely puts anything on sale.

When I have added more paint with stencils, and whatever else I feel like doing, I will tape the pieces together with colored Duct Tape, to form a book. Duct tape is only $2.99 a roll at Walmart. You get a ton, and it has so many uses. Excellent for art journals or binding something like this. More pics to come when completed.

Enjoy yourselves.

Friday, August 26, 2016

And again....

Vintage cat image off the internet

Not sure if this is done
I've been busy. The tag is oversize, 8 inches long. The two different shades of Dylusions orange paint were used on the background. I pulled the vintage cat image off the internet. Just google Halloween and click on google images.

This canvas is larger than what I normally work with. I believe it's 16x20 inches.  I first adhered vintage/antique papers with Liquitex gel medium, and let that dry overnight. Used a torn legal document I purchased in a pack in Hannibal, MO. last fall. Added some book text, the January page of a 1950 calendar, and a work book for counting from the late 1940's. The number 4 tag I made, as well as the circle numbers.

When I am uncertain if a piece is complete, I just prop it up somewhere and think about it for a few days. After a week if I'm not tempted to add something, it's done. Yeah, real complex method there.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Too soon?

I have stacks of projects going in the craft/art room. It is a mess. So. Shouldn't I be finishing something? Why, yes, I should. Did that happen? No.

Back in the days of the scrapbook store that Cathy owned, we would make Halloween cards, tags, scrapbook pages. It is Cathy's favorite time of the year. and very close to my heart as well. With me it's the colors of autumn, and the fact you can throw in just the right shade of purple to make it vibrant. This is one of the larger tags, 8 inches long. I painted it with Dyan Reavley's jar paint in the 2 shades of orange, then accented it with one of her greens, Dirty Martini. The owls are ancient, from an old line of scrapbook papers. The company no longer exists. The cat image is off the internet, backed with standard green card stock. "Fright Night" is also no longer available, from another long gone company.

This will be displayed on my kitchen metal garden gate, along with a few others. Time to change things up.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Printing with Gelli Arts®: Pencil Holder from Gelli® Printed Baby Wipes

Printing with Gelli Arts®: Pencil Holder from Gelli® Printed Baby Wipes: Baby wipes!   I cannot live without them!   I use them to blend colors, to remove too much paint from projects, to clean stamps,...

This is so flipping cool. Never would have thought of recycling used (with paint, people!) baby wipes. And I do use a ton. Sigh. Now this means I have to find a spot to dry those painted baby wipes out so they can be recycled. Enjoy! Linda

Monday, August 15, 2016

purplemailbox.com: Art Museums, Documented Life, and Oversized Painti...

purplemailbox.com: Art Museums, Documented Life, and Oversized Painti...: Hello there! We have been enjoying a membership to our local art museum and I was even able to scrap about it this week! ...

I want to do this, this large painting. So intimidating, but what a challenge. Thought you might enjoy watching this artist. I certainly do! Linda

Friday, August 12, 2016


I have been whipping out the phone all summer to take photos of flowers. At the park, at friend's homes, in my own yard. These were suppose to be inspiration for drawing and painting, because this is an area that I suck at, big time.

Yesterday I tried to watercolor a few flowers. They look like blobs. Not even pretty blobs, just pools of paint. So back to the drawing. I so admire artists that can start with water color, no lines, and create little masterpieces of flowers in every color. I am not one of them....

Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mixed Media Canvases

New watercolor journal, smaller scale

Before the glaze

Before the glaze

After the glaze

After the glaze

Gracie panting in the bedroom with the AC at 72, 2 fans running.
I have a closet full of canvases in various sizes. I just kept buying them when on sale, stacking them up in different locations within that bedroom. When I finally put them all together in one spot, I took a picture and sent a text to Cathy. If I remember, I think I said something along the lines of "Do you want to go shopping at Michael's, or Linda's back bedroom?" We laughed a lot, then went to Michaels. But seriously, I have NOT purchased any canvases in any type or size since cleaning that room up last year. Hello?

I have an associate who is about to open a gallery. I am not sure at this point what type of gallery, if it will be anything handmade, or if she is issuing guidelines. I did show her a few of my previous collage style canvases, and she was interested. So last week, at an odd moment trying to get my mind off my back, I started the two canvases above.

The bases are antique pattern paper, very yellow. Then some acrylic ink (FW. Love that stuff), Golden acrylic paint, and more paper. I used antique dictionary pages torn up, and an antique parts manual, then some tags. The horizons were drawn with a palette knife and Golden fluid acrylic black paint.  When all was dry, I glazed both canvases with Raw Umber, wiping it off with baby wipes, then adding it back, doing that dance that Donna Downey taught us in her online classes.

I like these. I don't want to sell them. Shoot me now.