Friday, September 30, 2016

Teaching Journals from Dina

This is one of her Dyan Reavley bigger journals

Why yes, there is a story behind this

I love everything about the above spreads. The colors, composition, just all of it. I did ask permission to take these photos, and she very graciously responded that anyone in class was allowed to look at anything on the table and photograph it. Always.

The upside down spread: so here is the story. For whatever reason, it was upside down in my phone photo gallery, so I clicked on edit. Flipped the image around and saved it. Went back to the gallery, and dang it was now upside down, twice. Edited it again. You guessed it. I now have that image saved three times in the photo gallery, upside down. I give up.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


First page of the folio

2 tags on the right

back of tags and next page

I added part of a Gelli print on the back inside when I got home

Spread from one of Dina's teaching journals

Another page of her teaching journal
The more you do, the more you want to do. I would be very happy right now living in that back bedroom, not cleaning, doing laundry, going to the dog park, etc. Unfortunately, that is not the way life works. And I'm sure I'd burn out.

Right now I have half painted chipboard spread out on my table. Going to flip the pieces and paint, then start to collage and add stenciling and stamping later today. I need to be very, very busy. Some of my work is at The Artisan Marketplace in Plainfield, IN. The gallery opens this Saturday. I will also be at Palette and Paper in Indianapolis for a holiday market day on Saturday, November 26th. I was going to try and throw in another holiday type show, but just don't think I can get that much done.

Art is my therapy. Really. Don't know where I'd be without it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Dina Wakley Class

The fabulous Dina Wakley at Palette and Paper, Indianapolis

My water color paper with Dina's paints

Cathy's papers

The start of the folio cover

Dina's cover

Dina's watercolor papers

Students work

We did non-dominant drawing, and mark making. Students work

Cathy at the end of class. My hands were worse.

Students work

Students work

Students work

Flip through after assembly, students work

Same folio

Same folio

Same folio
I really should wake up one day as a millionaire. There are too many classes I am missing.

Received an email over a month ago from Mare, the owner of Palette and Paper in Indianapolis. Due to another store cancelling classes, Dina Wakley was coming to Indy for a weekend. There were four classes available, two priced at $150, two priced at $80, each. Had I been able to afford it, I would have taken all four classes. But my budget is not that generous, and so Cathy and I decided to participate in the all day Sunday class, making a folio from a Tim Holtz product.

Wow. Just WOW! I learned a lot, about color, about composition. And once again, walking around the room and looking at what everyone else is doing is just so motivating and inspiring. My concept of what to do with journal pages has just taken a 180 degree turn, and I am wired to get to work. That alone is worth the money I spent.

Dina uses a french term which I do not remember for the pages we make to cut up and decorate/collage onto our folio pages. Each step was a different technique. We painted with our fingers, using whatever objects we could find on the table to make marks. Just this simple exercise stretches your imagination. You could feel the creative flow in the room, and when everyone was concentrating on the end steps, it became very quiet. We were all hitting our own stride.

There are more photos. Dina is very generous and allows pics of the teaching journals she brings to class, and you best believe I took a bunch of photos. More posts to come this week. If you ever have the chance to take a live class from Dina, please, please treat yourself and do it. Amazing.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Random thoughts

Jake at the vet's office. Gracie is under a table, hiding.

The 13 year old Sycamore tree that was in my front yard

Sycamore tree is history, this is a Red Sunset Maple

Ever have one of those days? Or weeks? While I was in Middletown, OH. on Friday, a storm ripped through this area and split the big Sycamore tree that was in my front yard. Snapped that sucker in half. Facebook can be wonderful, and I belong to some local groups to keep in touch with news for the area. I posted that I had firewood for free, and got a reply from a gentleman that he would help me. I did pay him, but it was still cheaper than a tree service, and Mike and his brother, Dave, did a fantastic job of cutting it all down and hauling every single branch and leaf away.

The yard suddenly looked very bare and sunny. Even though I have other trees, it is a long front yard, so I went to Lowe's and picked out a Red Maple to plant. The sign said the trees were on sale for 10% off the marked price. The price tag stated the tree was $39.95. When I went to school, 10% off would be $3.99. Subtract the smaller amount from the larger, and the total due would be $35.96. I also purchased a bag of tree and shrub soil, for $6.98. The woman at the register told me the amount due was $52.96. I said no, the tree was on sale, and tax is only 7%. So she deleted that sale and started over.. And I waited. And I waited. The woman with the flatbed came up with the huge bag of soil, and the tree. She was going to help me put this in my car. And we waited. Finally, I turned to her and said if this was a problem, perhaps someone else could help me. No. No problem, she was just figuring this out. She rang up the sale again, and charged me $42 for everything. Including tax. I knew this was wrong, because I went to school in the 1950's and 1960's, but I was also not wanting to take up residency at Lowe's, so I swiped my card and took the deal. Blows the mind, doesn't it?

Cathy and I are attending another class this Sunday at Palette and Paper, and very cool scrapbook/mixed media store in Indianapolis. This is with Dina Wakely, who is a designer for Ranger products. What we need to bring for class is the last photo above. Note that we need a water container to clean our brushes. Also note we don't have to bring brushes. Kind of assumed. Never, ever assume with a mixed media class, folks. I am packing the studio!

Have a great day, or at least a better one.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What to do, what to do

Sample of some of my prints from Saturday

Few more

The card I made for my granddaughter's birthday with a portion of one print
The last demo at the Extreme Gelli printing class involved what to do with all of the prints that we make. Because once you haul out the gel plate and start, it is hard to stop. Carolyn gave us several ideas. I have tried making a bag, and it turned out kind of wonky. I know why, just haven't gone back to it yet.

I did this card in class, using a square punch and just half of one of my prints. And this is important: you don't realize how many different shapes and colors exist in one print until you start to cut it up, or tear it, to use in a project. What I love about this is that the colors are complimentary, yet each little square is distinctive. I didn't much care of the print when it was whole, but cut up? OH, yeah!

I see some prints in blue and white, red and green in my future for Christmas cards. I have a ton of Christmas stamps for the front. More to come, folks.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Dog Park

Jake, testing the water

What? Is there a problem, mom?

I will only get my paws wet, and nothing else. I am a girl.

His face is wet because he scoops water up with his nose.

Running in the water is fun...

Max, the Newfoundland, settling down into the water to cool off.

Ben, Max's brother, joins him.

Oh, yeah! Rolling is good!.

Why yes, I do have to get back in the car. Your point?
We are fortunate to have a really nice dog park in Avon, IN. We pay for an annual pass, and the park is maintained the best they can do it with limited funds. Grass is mowed every week, fence is repaired if the wind damages it. There is no running water or bathroom facilities, so we all haul water in for the dogs to fill the various bowls we have all purchased. You are completely responsible for your dog(s). The vast majority of us have two dogs.

When there is a fast, heavy rain, water will fill the shallow areas along the south fence. Jake is basically a water dog. He loves to play in shallow water. Gracie not so much. She is an Aussie, and they have rules. Obsessive, compulsive rules. Ben is a border collie/lab/some kind of hound mix that Carol rescued, and Max is a rescue Newfoundland. Newfies are also water dogs. What I didn't capture in photos was Max running up and back through the water, splashing like a puppy, with Ben chasing him. At one point, Gracie was in the mix until her brain registered that she was really getting wet. She then trotted away. It was great exercise, and they were all very happy. I didn't mind because they are getting a bath anyway for their annual vet visit.

Have a great day. Smile.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Extreme Gelli Printing

The perfectly clean classroom, before class started

Tools for mark making

More tools

My ATC card handmade by the wonderful Glenda Miles, our hostess

Carolyn starting the first demo. Table is clean.

Carolyn. Still clean

More of the demo

One of Carolyn's pulls from the demo

Didn't take long, did it?

A classic "OOPS" from Miss Carolyn

I really need a cake spinner

Student work. Love, love, love this!

More student work

THIS is what every table looked like by 3p.m.

We all had prints everywhere

The second room where we could lay our work out to dry

Looking back towards the classroom

Klara and Carolyn having an "Can I do that?" moment


Carolyn's sample of gelli print collage strips

Klara sewing!

I drove to Middletown, OH on Friday to take an all day Gelli Plate Printing class, called Extreme Gelli Printing, at the Pendleton Art Center. Our instructor was Carolyn Dube. You can visit with Carolyn at her website here. A wonderful artist by the name of Glenda Miles set this up at the Art Center. I want to go back. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Middletown, please stop in and see her work. Loved it. Collage, vintage, just loved it.

We were warned (told) to wear aprons, and I did. Not one drop of paint on my apron, but holy crap, I was still scubbing my arms and hands last night. I was a mess, but then again, so was everyone else. It was a blast. Learned so many different techniques, ideas for printing. And what to do with some of those prints when completed.

YouTube offers tons of videos on printing, and I have watched several. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing like taking a class in person with someone who makes it fun, tells you to try anything as long as it's legal, and it is okay to get messy. In fact, it is a requirement. It is also motivating to visit with other women who "get it". We are obsessed with art supplies, and trying new techniques. I walked away with a lot of ideas and inspiration.

I shared my table with two lovely ladies: Klara and Tracy. We are now all friends on Facebook. There is something special about networking from an experience like this.

Thank you, Carolyn and Glenda. I had a great time. Hope to do it again.