Friday, August 23, 2019

This was fun

Gel print with added stenciling and doodles

and a little stamping

love the tissue used for the top. Hate the girl

left side of journal spread

right side
The two heads on one page was a lesson in 30 Days with Gulfsprite. It was also a live stream segment. I used acrylic craft paint to do the face on top, watercolor to do the one on the bottom. Then used orange gouache to glaze over. It was the Caran d'Arche and covered more than what I wanted. Next time will use either watercolor or watered down acrylic. This page buckled immediately because I had already glued a magazine image to the reverse side of the page. Lessons are being learned, and that is what an art journal is for.

I have 2 Canson Mixed Media journals going, 2 Dylusions, 1 Dina Wakley, and not sure what else. My current goal is to finish 2 completely by the end of the year. I can do this.

Enjoy the cooler weather.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Typical Monday

That is Kevin the tortoise, on the ground

Jonah, my new friend

Melissa and a bunny

I was quite popular last night

gel print in the Canson journal with collage

watercolor in the Canson mixed media journal
Bunny Yoga was quite the adventure last evening. Jonah decided I was a good person, and my yoga mat was his new home. For the first 35 minutes of class, I was adjusting my body around this rabbit. When we did downward facing dog, I had the giggles because Jonah was between my legs. Melissa was twisting so she could watch. She was also on the alert to make sure Kevin was not coming near her. I never knew she has a thing about turtles. Kevin had some nails. Long and sharp. I wanted a pic of his front legs but the dude moved too fast. Scales on the legs. We had a good stretching hour.

It was beyond safe for the dog park yesterday. The heat and humidity combined made it feel like 98, so we stayed home in the AC and I played in my mixed media journal. Finished up some of the gel print pages.

Enjoy your day.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Good times

Mom? Open the door! Mom?

Ya gotta love gel plate printing

Think I am stopping here. 

Gel printing and stenciling

Gracie wanting to go out but it was storming
See this pic of my little girl, whining? Went on for 2 hours last night. She is such a creature of habit. Wanted to go out and lie in the yard, as she does every night. We had a much needed storm roll through, and it rained for over 2 hours. It was a long night.

The Gulfsprite live stream on Saturday was gel printing in your journal with stencils. So of course yesterday I pulled out my original 8x10 plate to do some printing. This was fun again. I did 6 pages, but the others still need some additional work.

Thinking I will do some printing with the smaller sizes. Enjoy your day.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Just moving paint

Sometimes you just have to put paint down on paper or canvas to kick start the motor again. Nothing in particular, just move. This has been a very stressful week. But I am calm and not angry, and that is a major accomplishment for me. Art Saves!

The girl was drawn on acrylic paint allowed to dry completely. Then I used a paper blending stump to move the graphite. Gouache paint was used for her hair and top. Learning how to manipulate this medium. The others are abstract landscapes inspired by an older live stream from Gulfsptite. Well, wait. The big flower was me wanting to doodle and stencil.

Typing is still a pain, so please forgive me. Not a lot of words for another 3 weeks. Sigh.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Where do the days go?

I decided to scrub down the west side of the house by hand on Saturday, because I can. Power washing wasn't getting it clean. Was to the end, grabbed the hose to rinse the Dawn detergent off, and had to use my left hand to turn the hose nozzle. Pain shot into the knuckle of the middle finger. As I stood there, the knuckle swelled up over an inch. See above photo. I took that to send to Cathy and ask, "Urgent Care?" She said yep, I think so. Off I went.

First thought was soft tissue damage, but X-Rays revealed an old fracture. I have no idea when I did that. They put a buddy splint on, which is simply wrapping tape with a piece of gauze in-between the fingers. Yesterday was the orthopedic doctor. He doesn't see a fracture. Has no idea what I've done. soooooo, buddy wrap for 3 weeks and see if all signs of injury are gone.

Typing is a pain in the butt. Reason why no posts this week. I have been doing a little journaling, and plan on more.

Jake and Gracie had their annual exam at the vet, and that involves a senior blood draw. Gracie's kept bleeding, so she got a pretty pink bandage. She kept chewing at it, so it came off right after the pics.

Life goes on.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Double page spread

This was done with craft acrylic paints, except for the girl's face. I did some shading with graphite prior to applying Daniel Smith watercolors.

What appears to be black is actually a color called Pavement in the Apple Barrel line at Walmart. 50 cents a bottle. I was introduced to this paint by Christy Sobolewski - Gulfsprite - in her videos. She's right. It is perfect. Also can be added to other colors for mixing, and sometimes you achieve vibrant, rich results.

Not sure if this is done yet, so going to let it go and come back in a few days. You may see it again. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Using lettering

Last week I signed up for the weekly live streams from Gulfsprite. This gives you access to all of the previous streams in the archive. In a recent, meaning within the last 90 days because I haven't gone back any further, Christy talks about having a class on using words and lettering in your art. She did a demo that night, and I hope this class comes to be. I didn't do anything like she did in that stream, but I have loved numbers and letters/words in my art for years. And this turned out better than I hoped.

The hair and background are acrylic craft paint. The girl's face and body are Daniel Smith watercolors, but there was a lot of graphite shading on the face, especially around the eyes. I am stepping outside the box, for me, and loving it.