Sunday, October 15, 2017

Art Journaling, but not done well

All of these spreads are in the Dylusions larger journal

She needed freckles

The triangles are gesso through a stencil, prior to the water colors

Gesso and stencil, but over the Dylusions spray ink

This hot mess is called never again. N E V E R!!!!!

I needed a respite from faces. Didn't work out
The more you know.....

1. I started with cheap sets of water colors from Hobby Lobby and Michael's when taking the classes from Ashli Oliver and Christy Sobolewski. The Sargeant brand from Hobby are better than the Artist Loft brand from Michael's, in my opinion and are fine for beginners. Now that I have a variety of colors in more expensive brands, I am not quite as pleased with the sets. Cheaper water colors make you work harder, because you have to layer on top of layer on get the idea. The pigment is not there.
2. Water colors in general will not move and lift on the Dylusions paper journals as the paints will on a better quality paper in, say, a Strathmore Mixed Media journal. I like not having the spiral binding so I can do a two page spread. But the mixed media 90 lb. paper lets you manipulate the water colors, as they should be manipulated.
3. The primary color spread was a lesson in the class Color Play with Ashli Oliver. We were to use only red, blue and yellow, the 3 primary colors, and could also use white. I will probably try this again with water colors. This was done in Liquitex Basic acrylic paints. Just. Hate. It. Seriously, there is nothing about that spread that I like.
4.The top 4 photos are from the last lesson I did with Ashli. We combined all that we had learned in the Color Play class into one spread. This was Dylusions spray ink thru a hand made circle stencil on the left. Took me maybe 15 minutes to cut that wonky shape out. Let that dry. Used a Rae Missigman stencil bit with triangles to apply gesso on the right side of the page, prior to drawing the girl. Then over the Dylusions spray. The idea is to use the gesso as a resist with water colors.

I like the effect you get with this technique, and will definitely use it again. The water colors used on this spread were more expensive, a mix of Grumbacher and Winsor and Newton. I had a very old palette full of those brands from years ago. They are still good, just need to wet them to start.

Moving on. Today it is raining, so a good morning for the studio.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Mixed Media/Art Journaling

I stopped here to consider the final touches

Adding the center embellishment did it.

This spread originally was a drawing of a girl. yeah.

when all else fails, journal
I forgot to take some pics of the sides of the gallery canvas. Will do that for the next post on this series, because I have decided to make a set of three canvases in this theme.

This is a 5x5 gallery canvas with a base coat of black gesso. I lightly sanded it with a brown paper bag, then added old text pieces around the sides. The base on the front is corrugated cardboard painted with Golden acrylics. Another piece of old text, then an old cloth binding strip from a book that was torn apart. The color was perfect.

The circle center is the Steering Wheel die cut by Seth Apter for Spellbinders. I cut it out of water color paper three times and glued it together for thickness, then painted it with Finnabar's 3 jar rusty paste. Golden's Teal paint is the final touch. The center brad is something old from scrapbooking days. I think it is a Bo Bunny embellishment.

The art journaling keeps me sane. Seriously.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Cancer Sucks

Gracie and Lily, 2011

This is Gracie's BFF from puppyhood. We met Lily and her mom, Vicky, at the dog park when Gracie was 6 months old, Lily about 8 months old. She is a fox hound mix of some sort. When Vicky rescued the pup, she thought Lily would be a beagle. Yeah, no. Although in all fairness to Vicky, I did see some of Lily's puppy photos, and she truly did look like she had beagle mix in her genes.

As Lily grew into adulthood, she had some aggression issues, so Vicky stopped bringing her to the dog park. Her husband devised a long, fenced run around their property that gave Lily and her adopted brother, Declan, lots of room to run. But we did on occasion see them at Puppy Playground, the dog daycare we both use. And that is where I learned, yesterday, that this beautiful dog has a malignant tumor in a leg muscle. The prognosis is not good.

This breaks my heart. Lily is now limping, badly, and on meds to take down the pain. But my memories are in 2009, 2010, and 2011 of Lily, Gracie, and Sarge running for hours at the dog park, chasing balls, playing tag and just being great dogs.

Some comforting thoughts: Lily was raised and held with love her entire life after being adopted. She had the best vet care, the best food, toys, whatever she needed that her mom could give her. And she had dog buddies that tolerated her odd behavior, at times. Gracie was one of them. The other was Sarge. He was so much shorter than Lily, but she would bend those long legs to get to his level, kiss his nose, and then back off as he snapped at her. We think Sarge was gay. Lily didn't care.

Memories are wonderful. But cancer still sucks.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Dega, Jake, Gracie at the dog park, 8-28-2012

RIP Coal, 1-22-2013

Gracie  Easter Sunday, 2012

Sheep with lambs at the farm, Easter Sunday, 2012

They grow fast.

I loved seeing the newborn lambs when we used to go to sheepherding in Boone County. Every spring it was an overload of cuteness. That is one aspect of herding that I truly miss.

Working on a new art project. Been slow going, and I need to kick myself into high gear. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Gracie, top, Jake, bottom, story below
We were in the living room. I was sitting on the couch with Gracie to my left, Jake to my right, petting both dogs. This is the main reason I have only two, because I have only two hands. The other reason is I can't afford more than two and take care of them properly.

Jake assessed the situation, and realized that he needed to come between his sister and his mom. His little way of trying to show dominance. The problem in these last few months is Gracie once again wants to be the top dog. She is the oldest. She is the alpha in obtaining food. She wants more mom time. So as I sat there watching, Jake stood up, walked around the cocktail table, and wedged himself between my left leg and his sister's butt.

I laughed for a few minutes before grabbing the phone for this photograph.
Dogs. Ya gotta love them.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Vintage Markets

No idea what I'm doing with these
Yesterday was gorgeous. Windy, clouds moving across the sky, in the low 70's to start, just a beautiful fall day. To take the edge of their energy, I started at the dog park and let Frick and Frack run around for 45 minutes. Then we got back in the car and headed to Advance, IN. I know, few people have heard of it. A tiny, very old town on Route 75 heading north. I didn't know this until a few days ago, but the first Saturday of spring, summer and fall months is an open Vintage market. They set up in a parking lot behind a downtown building which contains Boone County Uniques. This is a combination antique, junk type store. Well, junk to some people. Treasures to others, and now I am kicking myself because I didn't buy the rusty scissors they had on display.

One of the vendors outdoors, Black Barn Vintage, had a bin of old rusty pieces. 2 bucks each. A woman was standing there, sorting through the spigot handles. I asked what she was making, and she said a garden sign. She was choosing pieces that resembled flowers. So I let her go first. I just wanted a variety, because when I looked into that box, I saw Seth Apter's work in my mind's eye.

An interesting market that suddenly had a variety of dealers because of Facebook. Lots of customers. I plan on returning next spring. This was the last set up for the season.

By the way, the blue in the background? My finished kitchen table. No, I have yet to do the chairs. Yeah, I know.....

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Mom, can we go outside?

Look, Mom! Snow.

Uh oh. The wind is blowing my fur and ears.

Crap, it's cold out here. Maybe we should just stay on the deck
March, 2013. It is coming. Soon. Way too soon....