Monday, January 22, 2018

Powerful message

Alisa Burke - Artist
This image is available for download on Alisa Burke's blog. She asks that you use it for personal use only. I am going to print this, frame it, and hang it in my studio. The link to Alisa is in the column on the right.

Hey World, we will, we will rock you.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Affirmations and art journaling

For the letter D I chose the word Determined

4x8 inch tag covered with deli paper

Sunrise from my kitchen window yesterday morning.
I am determined to live long enough to see the return to sanity and justice, equality and fairness in this country. We are a nation of good people. The minority will not prevail. I am determined. Are you?

As the weeks pass, I personally feel more strength in the affirmations. The short amount of time I am devoting to this 26 week project gives me focus and hope.

Enjoy your day. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Art Journaling

Practice, practice, practice

This was a face, covered it with red ink, then scraps on the table

We are bored

What do you mean I can't go to the Playground because Gracie is contagious?
I am determined this year to make better looking flowers, so sat down with the smaller Dylusions journal in my lap and just let the pencil move. I was using some photos for reference. This spread was not about composition, obviously, because the proportions are not correct. It was just to see if I could make a decent flower, one that I could live with in a larger composition. Working on it.

Gracie is better each day, and Jake is not sick. That is the beginning of his famous "stink eye" above. Jake is a man about town, misses going to the Playground. Deal with it, little buddy.

Thursday, January 18, 2018




My girl has been sick all week, but is now on the mend. There is nothing that will make me go into a panic faster than a dog that is suffering. There is an infectious bronchitis making the rounds in this area, and Gracie started coughing early morning on Tuesday. By 8:30 I was on the phone with the vet's office, making her an appointment. Gracie had spit up blood. Yeah. Not fooling around with that.

So this week's Throw Back Thursday is my girl.
She grows more beautiful with each passing year.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Canvas and art journaling

6x12 inch canvas painted black is the base

In the small Dylusions journal

Entire spread

This is part of a gel plate print I cut up into an odd shape
I now have quite a collection of Seth Apter die's from Spellbinders. Using a variety of circle dies, I cut out 3 of each from water color paper, then glued them together. Painted each with a neutral grey craft paint, then embossed with Stampendous Vintage embossing powder is silver. The more I use embossing powders, the more I like them. One thought swimming around in the back of my brain is to add some to a canvas. Soon.

Years ago Cathy and I ordered the 6x12 inch canvases from Blick, because we wanted them for our Christy Tomlinson classes (she used them constantly) and could not find that size anywhere. I still have a few left. Base coat is black gesso, and originally I wanted to make a black and white gel print to use behind the silver circles. Just didn't work. I decided almost immediately that I needed some color. That lead to the monoprinting session on Sunday. The bright blue/green teal woven fabric is from a scrapbook pack I found on clearance at Michael's a few weeks ago. To my eye, this color makes the monoprint paper pop.

All of the paper is glued down with Liquitex heavy gel medium, including the circle die cuts. I added some metal pieces I found at flea markets last year at the Covered Bridge Festival in western Indiana. Those I glued with Fusion glue.

Art journaling: this face started with pencils, then I added some Black Wing in black, then gesso and finished with water colors. The doodles were done with black pen. I have kind of become disenchanted with how water colors react on the Dylusion journal paper, so thinking I will try this again in one of mixed media journals.

Thanks for stopping by. Our President played golf on MLK JR day. Bless his heart, he works soooo hard.

Monday, January 15, 2018


This was the sheet I printed to

This was the sheet I printed from

Close up of both

Jake wanted a paw massage and could care less about monoprinting
There is a technique that Seth Apter teaches called monoprinting without a plate. Normally I wouldn't reveal techniques I learn in classes because a) it is how the artist makes their living, and b)I paid for it, so DUH! However, I came across several videos on YouTube performing this method yesterday, so I don't feel guilty discussing it here.

I used a large piece of Strathmore water color paper, 140lb. Covered it with gesso completely, and let it dry several days. This is important.  In the videos and in classes, the instructions are to use chalk paint, such as Paper Artsy. I do not own any of their brand, and really was not up to getting out in the cold for Michael's. I know, amazing that I didn't want to shop. So I pulled out my regular Folk Art craft paint, the $.97 a bottle Folk Art from Walmart. NOT Apple Barrel.

For the sheet I printed FROM, I applied a random coat of Midnight Blue. Pressed the TO sheet into that. The print will be sketchy, and that is what you want. Second coat was a bright green, repeat. And over and over. At the end, there were some spots of black thrown in. If I accidentally applied too much paint on the FROM sheet, I grabbed a piece of deli paper and pressed that into the FROM sheet first to remove excess.  This takes awhile. I sat in front of the television yesterday afternoon watching shows on Netflix, applying paint until I reached what you see above.

The FROM sheet is quite thick, and can be used as a backing for a variety of projects. The TO sheet is also sturdy, but you will note it has some blank areas. I can leave that, or add more depending on what I will use it for. I do have something in mind, and will work on that today. One more tip: I applied the paint with a brush, in horizontal stripes, then vertical. Not always all the way from side to side. You will see as you do this how to get variance in application. Also, I have tried this in the past with Golden Fluid Acrylics and did not like the results. They are too glossy and did not transfer well. Also have used canvas paper, which is thicker.

Today we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.  Some of my favorite quotes:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.

I have a dream. Me. I do. And I believe that 2018 is the year our world will change.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Affirmations and journaling

Tag I made a few weeks ago for the letter "C"

Spread in the smaller Dylusions journal

No reason, I just love this face

Reminds me of the ice and snow on the ground. Close up of left hand page

Got up in the middle of the night and did this over the hodge podge that was

Playing with patterns and layers in the junk journal

And here is this week's word in the journal. Obviously a word not used in Washington DC

Aplomb. I like that word.
I hardly ever start with an untouched page in any of the art journals. So what I recently started to do is slap on paint or sprays, whatever, in at least 3 before I do anything. Let that dry and come back and hit it. Finding this motivating and encouraging, so a new habit has been born.

Also pulling out gel prints on cardstock and deli paper and using them. Whether it is in bits and pieces, or shapes, doesn't matter. If I truly love the entire print, it will be added as a page in one of the junque journals.

Be safe and stay warm. Even if you are in Florida!