Sunday, February 3, 2019

Day 15

Guys, look at mom


Babies, look at mommy


Meranda, let's find Meranda pups


Today's tag was a quick, whimsy type of color. I had just finished putting all of the Tim Holtz products into the drawers of the new studio set up, and decided I really, really needed to start to use those word flash cards. I have 2 packs of them. Why, you may ask? They were on sale. Silly, silly question.

The sun was shining yesterday, off and on. This was the middle of the afternoon, and we had already been to the bank and the dog park, so the babies were a little subdued. I wanted a pic of them together on the chair, but wanted both dogs to look at me. Jake would, but Gracie turned into stubborn Aussie, and kept looking out the window or down the hall. Finally I said "Where's Meranda?" That is their favorite from Puppy Playground, and she spoils them rotten. Immediate response from Grace. I kept saying it, and she kept tilting her head. Too funny.

This water color girl is from the Wandering Through Watercolor class on the Ivy Newport website. I am so intimidated with drawing full figures. Just need to do it more, so I bought a book with some great tips at Half Price Books. If you want your person in proportion, the entire body is 8 head lengths long. The other aspect that I find daunting is drawing so small. I am not happy with the face on this girl at all, and in fact it was erased numerous times. Again, need more practice.

Enjoy this heat wave. From wind chills of -45 to 50 above in one week. Craziness.

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