Monday, February 4, 2019

Day 16

Paint, collage and mark making

Graphite and Blackwing pencils

Tried something new

Drew this from a photo I downloaded from Google Images

The shadow is due to poor lighting
The Ivy Newport StudioWorks Academy, which I joined for however long I want to do this, encourages us to sketch every day. I am not sketching at night, and I really need to get back to that habit. Instead, I am trying to draw while on the couch in the living room with the dogs wandering, or Jake almost on my lap. This is my compromise so Gracie won't whine for attention. If I stay in the studio, she walks the hallway and whines. If I work in the living room, we're good to go. Brats.

This dragonfly was inspired by an artist on Instagram named Finelagrace. Her creation has far more pink in it, and so I will try again. I stayed with blues because that is what the image I downloaded had.  I used a very light pencil to sketch, then Daniel Smith watercolors, and finished with some Derwent Ink Intense pencils, in particular Dark Indigo. I want to do more. This was fast and a lot of fun. Helps me learn the palette and how to use the neutrals.

The wonky eye girl sketch was done with a Blackwing pencil held at the very end, so the entire arm is loose as you draw. I so need to practice this technique, because I have a tendency to tighten up my muscles too much, making the sketch too flat. Learning a lot with all of these classes, and enjoying this journey.

Have a good day.

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