Saturday, February 2, 2019

Day 14

I love how the colors turned out down the left side of this tag

So true for art as well!

Jake loves this blankie

Checking to see if I am going to pull it away from him

Okay then, night Mom

A new look to the living room mantle and wall to brighten it up
Normally I lay out 3 to 5 tags at a time, and start slapping paint on with a brayer. When I work in this manner, I find I can get some interesting patterns and color combinations. And sometimes, not often, I get a rainbow I don't want to cover up. That happened with today's tag. It called for just a few words and let the colors sing.

Jake. My boy Jake. I was covered with this polyester throw the other night watching Netflix. When I got up to go to the bathroom, he confiscated the blanket and nested. This is Jake's thing. He loves him a soft, warm nest. Gracie never, but Jake will do it at every opportunity. I lost my throw. Had to get under the covers of the bed to stay warm.

Spring can't get here fast enough, and boy, do I hope it is a warm one!

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