Sunday, January 20, 2019

Today is the Day!

Tag number 1 has hearts cut out of old Gelli plate prints

I took this at a point where I thought the room was going to win the battle

And then it all became better

From in front of the bookcase

My new dedicated sewing corner. That lamp will be departing soon

Sitting at the desk. I added Strathmore drawing paper to protect the surface
I like that the first tag of The 100 Day Project 2019 was achieved with found gel plate prints. My plan is to get into the existing supplies again. Trust me, I can't buy one more thing. Not one more.

So. The room had 3 tables before the remodeling yesterday. The 6 foot and 4 foot folding tables are now in the garage, as are all of the 6 foot grids that were leaning on the walls. I wanted a cleaner look.

This entire arrangement has to be credited to Cathy. She did this in her family room, and I loved it. The bases are cubes we both have purchased over the years from Michael's. The top boards are in the shelving department at Menard's. Size of those boards is 23.5 inches wide, by 6 foot long. I now have a giant work surface in one spot. I am giddy.

My original plan was to take down the 2 white shelves on the wall, haul the second bookcase out of the closet, and place it to the left of the bigger base cubes for balance. I couldn't get the freaking drafting table out of the room. I hired movers in April, 2009 to haul my belongings from storage to this house, so I don't know if the table was together, in pieces, whatever. I could have removed the top and wiggled the base out by myself, but then the brain function kicked in and I thought of that corner with the sewing machine. Perfect.

Gracie now wanders around the entire desk wondering what happened, and Jake immediately walked thru the center to get to me. Too funny.

If you look above, there are empty spots between the cubes on the side. I ordered 4 more cubes on sale Friday. Cathy did the same. We both feel that the extra support is necessary. With a total of 12 cubes, all purchased at $20 each on sale, and the boards, $20 each, I have less than $300 in this work station. Have you priced large desks lately? And they don't have drawers.

I am very happy. Life is good.

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