Friday, January 18, 2019

This is what we do

11x15 Strathmore watercolor paper

Look at that face! She is pissed people!

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Yes, it is winter. Yes, we can't do yard work, go look at anything outdoors like gardens, and the days are mostly grey and depressing. What do we do? We (Cathy and I) buy online classes. It is rapidly reaching the point of lunacy. I don't think I have enough years left to take all of these classes.

Sewcrazi mentioned a class she took on the Ivy Newport website. I looked at that particular class, and the very next day it showed up in my Facebook feed on sale. Yes. THEY are everywhere. So I purchased one class at 30% off.

The next day I received an email about this marvelous concept called the Sketchbook Academy from Ivy Newton. For just the low price of $19 per month (you can cancel at any time), you receive unlimited access to every class on her website (55 as of today), and all future classes she lists, as long as you are paid for that month. PLUS you will receive a digital journal full of information monthly, and a monthly lesson. The individual class prices range from $57 to $77, so this really is a savings....

I called Cathy and explained this to her. We both joined that night. She wanted to take the Wandering Through Watercolor class by Natalie Mecham (see my work above. This is the first practice in that class). I wanted something else. Neither one of us are doing what we said we would, because HOLY COW! look at all of these classes! Plus the free January lesson!

I had already committed to the Danielle Donaldson year long Character Building journey, which launched yesterday.

The free 100 Day Project starts on Sunday, January 20th. I am once again making tags for 100 days.

Back up the cart. It never fails when I do start a new class, that the instructor states the obvious and I wonder why I never thought of that. Case in point, Natalie had us take a large 11x15 sheet of watercolor paper, make a 2 inch square template, and put 20 squares on the sheet. What you put in those squares is up to you. I have 3 faces, doodles, leaves, flowers, and 3 are just layers of color. There is a bear somewhere. The point is to learn your supplies. Get used to what colors work well together, which granulate, what you truly like. This could be adapted to acrylics, pastels, colored pencils, whatever. Great way to get some practice on drawing. Duh. It was a fun project.

Excuse me, I have classes to take.

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