Thursday, January 10, 2019


This is from 2 years ago, at the last ArtScape held in Columbus, OH. From the left: me, Carolyn Dube, Tracie, and Klara. It was a wild and crazy gel plate class, and we had a lot of fun.

It appears that Artscape is no more, but that doesn't stop us from getting together to make gel prints, or art journaling, or shop for art supplies, or eat. Tracie introduced me to the Ohio restaurant, El Vaquero. I will return....

Carolyn was our instructor that day, and we all follow her on Facebook and Instagram, keeping in touch.

So. The point? The point is you won't meet someone if you don't open your mouth. You won't bond if you don't chit chat. I met Klara first at a previous ArtScape. Then we both signed up for an Extreme class of Carolyn's at Pendleton Art Center in Middleton (?) OH. Just north of Cincinnati. Tracie came in a bit late, and Glenda, our hostess, brought her to our table because we had an empty spot. Glenda asked if it was okay for Tracie to join us. I glanced up and asked her if she was crazy? She could join us if she was nuts. She said yes.

It's the way we artists roll in Ohio...and I am from Chicago!
Love you guys.

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