Sunday, January 13, 2019

Snow Days

This is Sewcrazi's fault

Trying for whimsical sketches

On 3, yes, 3 blankets because that is how he rolls.
We had a band of snow move in early Saturday morning. I knew this was coming, so the house was stocked and we stayed home. After cleaning and laundry, it was time for mom to play in her art journals. We also went to the backyard to clean off the deck twice. It needs it again, and now spitting fine snow again. Sigh.

Pam Gillespie, SewCrazi on Instagram, limits her acrylic paint palette to do some of her girls. So I bought 2 colors from DecoArt Americana line, Burnt Sienna, and Eggplant (earthy purple), and copied her method. Do I like this bald woman? No. But I am finally, finally getting the hang of painting with this technique to achieve shading and highlights in faces. The only other products used were Liquitex gesso, and 3 pencils: Stabilo graphite for the original drawing, Stabilo Marks All in black for the eyes, and a Prima graphite crayon.

Today I am in the mood for collage. Hopping around all over the place. Enjoy your day.

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