Monday, January 7, 2019

Dang It!

Lesson from the book The Art of Creative Watercolor

Water color and Blackwing pencil

Dylusions journal with acrylics and pastels

So. I finished the flowers yesterday morning and was very happy with how they turned out. I had started them on Saturday night, thinking this piece would get trashed or cut up. Using different papers with watercolors does affect the outcome. The flowers are on a sheet from a Fabriano 140 lb. paper pad that is hot press, meaning a smooth finish, instead of cold press which has a rougher texture. I thought at first, on Saturday, that the colors were appearing duller. I was working in lamp light. In the bright sunlight on Sunday, I realized they were not, and now I love this paper. A bunch.

After the dog park, I sat down in the living room with an old copy of a fashion magazine, and drew the girl with the hat. This is also on Fabriano paper, and I knew in my head I wanted to use watercolors. Then I checked Instagram, and tried once again to watch Sewcrazi's Sunday video. This time it worked. And away I galloped into the cheaper acrylic paints.

I will not ever stop watching other artists create. It is inspiring, motivating, and presents challenges you may not think of on your own. But I will be dipped in something smelly if I can ever duplicate Sewcrazi's techniques. Seriously. There is a mental block. Do I stop trying? OH, hell no! On the other side of the coin, am I developing my own techniques, which are a hodge podge of everything I am watching? A distinct possibility.


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