Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve

If I stare at you long enough, will you take us somewhere?

The flying pig from Danielle Donsaldson's book

The blue haired girl is acrylic paint as a base, Nupastels on top. You can move the pastels around with a wet brush. Kind of fun to mess with.

I have been reorganizing the art studio room for the past few days. It's that time of year when our DNA kicks in to "start the New Year off right!" You know the drill. We are all going to do all of any of the following:

lose weight
exercise more
clean out those closets
clean the garage
stop binge watching "X" television
buy only healthy food
give up sugar

Of course, all of above lasts for the month of January, and then we are hit with Valentine's Day which is celebrated with (ta da!) CHOCOLATE! Seriously, our society sets us up for failures.

I have a list of online classes to take to ward off the winter doldrums. Cathy and I are determined to set up at some kind of fair or event locally this spring. It's either sell some of what we make, or stand on a street corner and hand it to random people. That has the potential to get us both arrested.

Enjoy yourselves, but please stay safe. The dogs and I will be home all day. Besides, it is raining enough to cause flooding.
Happy New Year

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