Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Art Weekend

Front porch, part of it, of The Yellow Rose in Galion, OH

Side of house

From the alley alongside the house

Living room window


part of the 2nd room set up for crafting/art

Art journaling with Jane Davenport paints, and part of Tracie. HI, Tracie!

paint and collage, using the under paper from my desk

Old gel plate print on 12x12 that I altered, added stuff

Altered gel plate print, 12x12

Water color that I then added some watercolor ground to change. Hmmmm
This was fun. The house that Tracie found is absolutely beautiful. I would love to know the history on it.  The current owner has set it up as a scrapbook/card making/art making retreat, with 6 foot tables and comfortable, adjustable desk chairs. You can go out to eat or cook in the fully stocked kitchen. Very cool.

I swear I packed supplies that I could not find when I got there, and still can't locate now. I am losing my marbles for sure. But, personally, I think it is a good thing if you have limited supplies. Forces you to be more creative and think outside the box. On the other hand, I forgot scissors. Hello? Had to borrow some from Tracie, who packed everything.

I was in the mood to play with collage again, and did. Wanted to do some watercolors, did that. It was all good.

This is Inktober and Printinktober on Instagram, a month long challenge to make daily art with some form of ink. I am already behind, but will catch up. Yesterday was a house and dog day. More to come.

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