Thursday, September 27, 2018

More Stuff

Enhanced gel plate print, 12x12 on scrap book paper

Love the texture

how old are the black scrap book rub ons?

5x5 canvas panel

my new water color palette
Let's start with the metal palette box, which I love. Found this on Amazon. It comes with 52 half pans for you to fill with your water colors of choice. The pan holds 48, and you can easily remove a half pan and pop in a different one to change the colors. I only own 40 tubes of colors, so there are 8 empty half pans in the above. I love this because it is compact, and now I have every single color I own, grouped as I want them, in one box.  The beauty of this is as I change with my color choices, so can the palette because all of them are removable.  The brand of this little beauty is Meeden, on Amazon, for less than $19. Warning: I had water color paint on my hands, the table, my phone, all over the box last night. I are a slob.

The 5x5 canvas panel started out to be a fall colors theme, and ended up this hot mess. Not one of my favorites, but I have learned what I don't always like someone else loves, so put everything out there.

The old gel plate print was an experiment. This is based on the art of Jane Wetz and Dori Patrick, who both do mixed media and catchy little phrases. I added to the paint on the print with pastels, pen, and I think some ink. Going to try some more of this style this weekend. I am heading to an artsy weekend with friends in Ohio. Must remember to pack extra baby wipes. Honestly, you should see my phone case and it's only 3 months old!

Have a great weekend.

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