Monday, September 24, 2018

Playing Around

2nd canvas finished

My new mantra

Mom is always on the phone, looking at Instagram. I want my ears rubbed.

Living room wall
The last two wood 8x8 panels I did have been a huge hit, for me, on Instagram. You never know what others are going to like. Makes me happy, because I really enjoyed creating these.

I am limited on how I can arrange my living room furniture due to the cable for the television. And the fact that I have this huge, round dining room table. I have a "great room". Great rooms are not so great once you start to add furniture to them. I like the openness, but seriously? Need more room.

I digress. This wood table is up against a wall and has had 3 framed pieces of art, prints, on it for almost 10 years. I still love that art, each has a story, but the time has come to shake it up. So I did this yesterday. All of the art is mine except the far right piece on an easel, which was done by Glenda Miles, and the 3x3 dark square on the wall, which was done by Seth Apter. The large planter on the bottom shelf is a Jim Shore product. Love the colors.

This is not the final arrangement. I need a large canvas to balance all the little pieces, so started one yesterday. Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.

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