Friday, October 26, 2018

Art Journals

Months ago, I think it was last winter, I found 3 oversize art books at Half Price Books. They were in the discount bookcase for $3 each. I turned one into a junk style journal, worked in it for a week or two, then put it away. I do that. So yesterday I was trapped in the house while the crew installed a new furnace and air conditioner. Do I know how to spend money or what? Don't answer that!

Pulled out that journal and came up with this spread, using cheap chalk paint, graphite, some collage from an English to French dictionary, and old stickers from the stash.

The 8x10 canvas panel is my version of Dori Patrick's creation. I love that "Ha, Ha, Ha, No!" saying. It should be a stamp. Used Dina Wakley paints, Martha Stewart paints, and Faber Castel Big Brush markers. The shading is graphite from Prima, and the lettering is my Pilot pen from Jet Pens.

I will often open the front door so the dogs can look out, if the weather is tolerable. I was fixing my dinner, the dogs had already ate, and they were intent on seeing if anything dropped to the floor. This is my life.

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