Monday, October 22, 2018


Cox Combs, a very old fashioned flower, at Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, IN.

Some of the pumpkins for sale at Frazee

He is cute!

This was an exercise in blending watercolors. It didn't work on the Dylusions journal paper

Another experiment with chalk paint, graphite and then water color. Didn't work either.

See? I really have been working

All Daniel Smith watercolors. Giant head, no shoulders. Really, Linda???
I really don't know what my problem is of late, but I have been wandering around in the art room working on this and that, hating all of it. The double page spread with the watercolor squares is from the Danielle Donaldson class, although not an assignment. She has stated that we need to learn how different water colors react on different papers. This was something I wanted to try on the Dylusions journal paper. Yeah, no. To achieve the soft, blended look that Danielle is teaching, you must use a water color paper.

That is not to say you can't do watercolors in one of Dy's journals. See the girl above. I was really happy with how the layering of colors turned out on her face. Her giant, bloated face.....

Today I will work on some mixed media and collage. Go back to basics to clear my head. Works like a charm.

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