Sunday, October 28, 2018

Watercolor Class

My first dogs

My first bear. I forgot to give him a bowtie

Based on a Dori Patrick design from Instagram
I am almost finished with the Danielle Donaldson class, All Creatures Lovely and Small. She is a good instructor online, explaining every step. And, like most instructors, she makes it seem so easy Nope. Her style of watercolor takes a ton of practice. I am not yet to the point of transparency that Ms. Donaldson achieves. Practice and then practice some more. Everything you use makes a difference. The type of paper, the type of brush, and the paint. Fortunately I am using Daniel Smith watercolors, and that does make learning this method easier.

Today I will try a bunny. The above projects are on 5x8 Strathmore better quality watercolor paper. The colorful bits and pieces are old scrapbook papers that I first glued on, then ran under the sewing machine. Fun stuff.

Enjoy your weekend.

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