Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A New Challenge

The ladies are a Graphics 45 stamp

The saying is a stamp

Several stamps on this, the saying and the X's
Okay boys and girls, it is time for a new challenge. Just read this on Julie Fei Fan Balzer's blog. 
An illustrator, Jake Parker, has been doing a month long challenge for years called Inktober. He publishes a list of prompts, and your challenge is to post on social media daily in the month of October an original drawing done in ink. Doesn't have to be any type of special ink, just ink. A ball point pen, Higgins black ink, whatever.
Julie is changing this up a bit and I love, love, love this idea. She is doing the challenge with the hashtag #printinktober. But instead of drawing, she will be creating something with her collection of stamps. Because she has a lot of stamps. She carves her own stamps in December in another challenge.

I also have a ton of stamps. I buy mine. Yes, I do. In fact, Cathy and I were shopping together online last night, making a list and checking it twice. I have so many stamps, they are sorted by designer and/or subject matter. For example, the following people have their own drawers: Tim Holtz, Donna Downey, Seth Apter, Dyan Reavley, Dina Wakley. There are drawers for just numbers, graphics, nature, and so on. I spend a lot of time wondering what drawer I put a stamp in unless it is a favorite. I need more drawers. I also need to get out more. To buy more stamps......

So join me as I join Julie in my favorite month of the year. If you can't make something every day, just do what you can. Anyone can ink a stamp and stamp it. See above. It will be fun. Use those supplies. Tracie. I am talking to you, girlfriend! (hugs)

Thanks for stopping by.

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