Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Jake with me at the vet's office on Friday, waiting for the cone of shame for Gracie

Cone of shame, as attached by the vet assistant

State of my mind this weekend

Double page spread in my small Dylusions journal

Halloween tag

Removed the cone and put one of my socks on her right hand paw so she can't scratch her ear

New and improved cone of shame. I cut 2 inches off on the outside, duct taped it together. Tied loosely.
This week has been a fiasco from the start, and it's only Tuesday morning. Wow.

Gracie is healing nicely, now that I am keeping her hind leg away from her ear that had surgery. The vet has advised me to apply Neosporin to the site, to ease the itches and help promote healing. The fur is growing back, and that adds to discomfort. But I have stopped the pain meds for Grace. I need a ton of something right now, but that is a different story entirely.

The mass that was removed was a fibrous sarcoma, which is malignant. It was small, low grade, with clean margins. All of that is good news within the bad news that my dog had cancer. At this point we wait, constantly checking any new lumps, bumps, growths immediately. I found this one by petting Gracie, so this practice continues on a daily basis as it should.

Along with this news, I had several small bumps in life. Stepping over the piles and moving on. Ya know? Not much else you can do. Some people will never change, and I no longer play games.

I was watching YouTube videos this past weekend, and saw someone (I honestly don't remember who) do a collage on top of gesso pages in a journal, and then start to add stamping, drops of paint, embossed black , and more. Looked really neat, so that is where the double page spread came from.  I didn't do any embossing.

Time to calm down, take deep cleansing breaths, and learn to relax more. It most certainly is. Have a good one.

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