Friday, August 3, 2018

One Never Knows

To date, my most popular post on Instagram. What????

Today's 5 minute start, in an art journal

Mindy posted this yesterday. I just love this piece

Another 5 minute tag, which I will use tomorrow
Art is subjective. I am constantly amazed and continuously surprised at what others like or don't like about my work.  Perhaps it is also exposure. I am using the hashtag #southerngals5x7 on the Instagram posts, and getting far more hits than normal. But that first tag above has been liked more than 50 times in the past 24 hours. Whew!

The challenge ends tomorrow, and it was fun but ready to work for whatever time I want to work, and let the project take me down a path. Lots of inspiration out there this week, and on Pinterest.

A few random thoughts: The 100 Day Project is having a global celebration, to bring together the people that participated, and those that are curious about this effort. There is a casual "party" in Indianapolis, and Cathy and I are attending. First of all, it is at the Indianapolis Artsgarden, which neither of us had heard of. So we want to see that. But it is also a great opportunity to connect with others in the mixed media/art world. The celebration day is Thursday, August 23rd. Check The 100 Day Project for details on anything near you. It's free! Ours is at 6pm, and I think all of the gatherings are later in the day for those who work.

I am still interested in Random Acts of Art, leaving little pieces of art like mini books, tags, drawings, around in areas for someone who may need a boost in spirit. Has anyone done this? Just curious. We all need more kindness in this world. Have a great weekend.

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