Saturday, August 4, 2018

Uh oh

Jake looks like he is just chatting with Gracie, ready for a beer, paws crossed

Gracie, look at me. NO!

Gracie? NO!


Remember this from the Mindy Primitive 2 class?

Poor little boy or girl. 
Gracie is becoming a real pain when it comes to photography. Don't you love it when they behave better for other people, just like kids? The girls at Puppy Playground have no problem getting The Queen/Dive/Princess to look up and smile. None whatsoever. Me? Forget about it.

Jake, on the other hand, is Mom's buddy. My little man. What do you need, mom? I'm your guy!

I had this canvas panel on the floor under my desk, leaning against a table leg. I had to look at it every time I leaned down to get the table top easel. And it bothered me. A lot. Just never liked how it ended up after hours of work. So I pulled out the heavy body gesso and took the face out. More to come.

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