Monday, August 20, 2018

It's Monday

Big Dylusions journal. Acylic paint, stamping, markers, charcoal

Face done with a graphite pencil

Not feeling well

On cough suppressant from the vet

High. So high
My art journal is where I work stuff out. I don't particularly like any of the spreads of late, but it be's that way sometimes. (Had a friend who used to say that. Rest in peace easy, Joe)

Signed up for yet another online class. This one from Toni Burt. My plan is to start something today.  The name of this class is Water + Color. Done in graphite and water colors. Learning another technique, which I love.

Gracie had us up coughing Saturday night, so yesterday I checked for the medicine she had in January. Still had a dozen pills left, and gave her one in the morning, one last night. No more coughing, but taking her in today to be checked. I absolutely hate it when one of the dogs is sick. You can tell she is higher than a kite in these photos, because she looked straight at me. My baby girl will be 10 in December. 10. Where did the years go?

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