Wednesday, August 22, 2018

This is how we work off stress

The bare drawing, done in pencil

First layers of water color

added pink, yellow, darker brown

Added pencil work

Final version with pencil added back in, color in eyes

Second attempt but added more pencil shading

Used Neocolor II's for color

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Finished close up

The drips are ink from Jane Davenport
I am in the groove with this new Toni Burt class I bought. New to me, that is. The official name of the class is Water + Color. She works on sheets cut to 12x12. I just bought a cheaper water color paper pad at Hobby Lobby already in 12x12. Working well. It does buckle with the water, but she also tells us how to flatten the paper out when you are done. No worries.

This is my vacation week from work, as the fitness facility is closed for annual maintenance and cleaning. So, of course, my car was dead in the garage yesterday morning. I called Ford, then called towing, and then waited. Waited. Waiting still. I do not have the car back. They have had it since 10:30am yesterday. Am I a happy camper? For those that know me, they are now shaking their heads no. No, Linda is not happy right now. The dogs are not happy and going stir crazy. They do not seem to understand "Mom does not have a car, we can't go to the dog park."

It will all get better. Real soon. Yes it will. Or I will have a rental. Or a new car. See which way the wind blows here. Thanks for stopping by.

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