Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Today is Tuesday

Stamp is from Roben Marie Smith Paperbag Studios

So here is how the morning is going, and it's only 6:40 as I type this:

I paid my house and auto insurance in full for the year yesterday. Today the company sent me an email containing my documents, including the cards you are required by law to carry in your vehicle. I tried to sign in to obtain those cards for download, so I can print them. Denied. Did you forget your user name and/or password? Yeah, that is highly likely because for whatever reason I did not write it down. Click here, and we will send you a temporary validation code.

I'm sure we've all been through this. I click, the screen responds it may take 2 to 3 minutes. I get the new email, copy the code, put it in the appropriate box, and the insurance company responds with their main system is down, could I possibly try in a few hours? Okaayyyyy.

Yesterday this system told me my balance was zero, when it was really $1,967.00. I had to call my agent to ask if I had been cancelled by the company. She said no, your balance is zero until the actual due date, when you are then late on payment. I am not going to say the name of this company, but good golly Miss Molly, can we hire some good IT people?

Okay, done. I have lots more to rant about. I am contemplating a new cell phone, after 12 months into the contract and purchase of the current phone, because this phone has started randomly kicking itself off WiFi and using up my data plan, in 14 days. To temporarily protect myself, I have purchased a higher data plan, and now turn the data off when in my home, forcing the phone (kind of like a child) to use the WiFi. We would have diagnosed the problem yesterday at Best Buy, but the Samsung representative is on 2 weeks vacation. And the 3 Best Buy men (who were great!) are totally bewildered.

And it's only Tuesday.....

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