Monday, July 2, 2018

Day 91 and Stuff

Quote is an old Dyan Reavely stamp

Went into the bathroom to change for dinner Saturday. Paint/charcoal on my face. I R a mess!

8x8 wood panel from a Mindy Lacefield class

I know this looks simple, but holy crap, this gave me fits

Early morning at the dog park - Sunday

I planted these petunias - last year!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable. That is the point. I am now out on a limb in a zone I have not previously encountered. The techniques and methods of application that Mindy Lacefield teaches in her online classes can be applied to other areas of art. So I am fascinated by what she can do. It appeared so easy, watching the videos. Yeah. Soooooo easy.

It is not. Not to me. Yes, I am enjoying it. And I feel I need to do this type of drawing and painting at this point, because it will help me loosen up my style. I need that. Across the board, I so need that. So I will plow ahead, layering, deconstructing faces, wiping off lines, adding new charcoal. And eventually getting some of it on my face. No idea how that happens. Probably got it on the phone and transferred the medium.

Spring of 2017 I purchased 3 small containers of petunias and planted them in that big pot on the deck. We had a harsh winter here in central Indiana. Surprise! The plants reseeded themselves and the riot of color you see above are all volunteers from last year. Mother Nature can still amaze me.

Enjoy yourselves.

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