Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July

took a break to eat and let the paper dry

Then returned to deepen the colors
Today's tag was born of desperation. I think I have mentioned that I am out of ideas. Yet they keep popping into my head, and I am jumping on implementation before I forget them. I painted 2 tags with black paint yesterday, thinking I wanted to return to the black and white motif. Then I remembered the 4 faces stencil I have from Balzer Designs. Ahhhh. Perfect. Some b&w material out of the stash, and a Tim Holtz chipboard, and done.

Cathy and I joined the Mindy Art Club, a monthly fee type deal. I really need to read the fine print (there wasn't any) before I commit, because Mindy is putting projects out almost on a daily basis. I am already behind. This is the first girl. Well, this is the final girl from me that I will put out here. I tried, I really tried to do this girl as Mindy instructed, and yeah, no. It went in the trash. Found out I do not like drawing with a water color pencil. The line is too thick, or I need more practice, not sure what my mental problem is with it. So I did as I always do, pulled out my mechanical pencil and sketched the fence, then turned to paint. I forgot to first do shading with a Stabilo, so might try this again. As I said before, I am behind.

I have 2 more tags complete, still have 5 to go. And the way this year is flying by, I need to check the supply list for my class with Seth Apter in September and see what I don't have. Ha Ha Ha..........everyone laugh with me.... If we lived in Ohio and had close proximity to Dick Blick stores, we would both be looking for jobs. Preferably at Blick.

Stay safe.

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