Thursday, July 5, 2018

Day 94

Photo from an antique shop in Mineral Point, WI.

I am not a fireworks type of girl. Nope. Not at all.

I will slay all fireworks, protecting my mom and sister from this threat.

Review below

From the Mindy Lacefield Art Club lessons
It was stressful last night. The noise did not stop until after 11. We got out of bed this morning at 5:30 and I considered banging pot lids together while I ran up and down the street, but the running part, yeah, no. Not happening. By law, our area is allowing fireworks until July 9th and the morons that waste money on this crap will indeed light them up. It will not calm down unless we get thunderstorms. That would be nice.

Having some problems, or rather both Cathy and I are having problems with the water color paper and the techniques that Mindy uses in her classes. In the past year I have experimented a lot with the different types of papers available to artists. My favorite so far is the Strathmore Mixed Media Vellum surface pads, in the photo above. But you have to be careful to purchase the Vellum Surface. It has a smoother feel, and the paint glides onto the surface. Regular mixed media paper has a dry feel and is appropriate for acrylics, but not so much water colors.

Been seeing a lot of artists using the Jane Davenport ink pen. The set above is $7.99 at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Once I was able to load the cartridge and start the ink flow, I liked it. However. Oh, yes, however, I have a few points to pass along:

1. No mention of the colors of the 3 ink cartridges is on the package.
2. The instructions are on a small folded sheet inside the package, and with my glasses on, I could not make out the small print.
3. I unscrewed the pen parts, took out a cartridge that turned out to be dark blue, and inserted it. Was suppose to hear a click. This took 5 attempts. Put the pen back together, still no ink.
4. Went to YouTube and searched for how to install a cartridge in a Jane Davenport ink pen. Found a short, very informative video. After loading the cartridge and hearing the click, you put the cap back on the pen and gently tap it against your hand 10 to 15 times. It will then write.
5. At this point you should be able to remove that cartridge, and start another, different color. And you can certainly do that, but be warned that the opened cartridge will leak ink.
6. This ink is water soluble, which means once you draw a line, the ink can be manipulated with a wet paint brush. THIS is the reason I purchased this pen and ink. To see this technique performed, go to YouTube and watch any of the latest videos from artist Jill Faust. Beautiful work. The pen writes and draws easily.

I am grateful to anyone and everyone that puts informational videos on YouTube. Seriously, life is easier because of these kind souls. But damn, I resent that the manufacturers do not explain their products on their packaging. Or how to install, initiate, start their products. I will not be buying anymore cartridges or pens until I do some research.

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