Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Yes, a tag. How long did that take? A week?

Oh, look! Another tag!

This is part of the Mindy Lacefield Art Club

I am calling this 1962, due to the size of her hair

Paperbag Studios is Roben Marie Smith's company for selling stamps and misc. art supplies. She is closing the online store July 31st, and put everything on sale. So I made another pass through the stamps, and bought a few. Okay I purchased 8 more. Sigh. I like to try new stamps out in a journal or on a tag, so two new tags. Imagine that....

Obviously I don't do whimsical birds. This is my second attempt, and believe me the first was not worth showing. That went in the trash. I like the background on this attempt, but still not happy with the bird. This technique involves wetting the paper first where you want to lay down the color. For example, I wet the inside bottom of the bird before adding Undersea Green. Not sure I like doing this. It is easy to blend colors where they meet on the paper, but to my eye they are dull. The bird has 2 to 3 coats of watercolor paint, plus pencils.

This big hair girl came about because Sew Crazi posted a new video on YouTube where she taught her 16 year old son, Kyle, how to draw a girl. It is an amazing tutorial, and the end result will blow you away. But it proves that anyone can draw with instruction and practice. I have tried to link to YouTube in the past and it is frustrating. Please go, if you are interested, and search for SewCrazi.

By the way, my girl is all water color or Derwent Inktense pencils. Laid down some lines, then activated the color with a wet brush. I will be doing this again. Oh, yeah. Thanks for stopping by.

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