Sunday, July 15, 2018

Is it Fall yet?

8x8 Canvas panel with gesso, and an underpainting. Then I drew this with light charcoal

She had more hair, and I decided it was too much until I looked at the photo. What was I thinking?

Added hair back in, then individual marks with a No. 2 pencil

Gracie being the biggest brat last night. Not sure what was wrong.

The final project.

This is Penelope, another Mindy Lacefield class. She was a challenge at first, but once I got going it was a lot of fun. This is on an 8x8 cheap canvas panel with a base coat of heavy gesso. Then I sketched, in paint, a basic face shape, and applied gesso over that, which became the underpainting. Let that dry, and sketched the face with a Derwent Light charcoal pencil. I am loving this style of painting: add color, deconstruct it with white, add more and pencil marks, deconstruct with white, until you have the layers and depth that you want. 

I used charcoal pencils, Stabilo All pencils, watercolor and Inktense pencils, acrylic paints, Derwent Graphtint pencils (that were just delivered yesterday), and a No. 2 pencil. Yep, like the kind you use in school. Paints are by Golden, Martha Stewart, DecoArt, and Liquitex.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool.

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