Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Day 99

A wonky color wheel and a bit of collage

One of the projects in the Mindy Lacefield Primitive 2 class

Evolved to this
When I finished the 100 days of tags on this past Sunday, I was elated. At first I thought, ahhh, time to kick back and relax. It wasn't a few seconds later that I started thinking about art journaling and the classes I can take, drawing more, and it hit me. The daily habit is here to stay. That had been one of my goals with this project, to get into a daily groove of creating. Did not matter if it was a canvas, or a tag or a journal page. Just create something. And so, moving forward, more little whimsical girls to paint.
Calling this done, as in what a great learning experience. Mindy has taught me to layer upon layer, and then do it again. A few tips I will pass along:

If you want to go over color with white, do not use Golden's heavy body white. It is very opaque and creamy, and just is not the best for grunge effect or layering. I ended up using Liquitex gesso. You can see the difference in the last photo. Golden heavy body paint is in the middle of the forehead. Very bright and white, and no underneath colors are showing. Gesso is on the body and under the eyes.

A Catalyst wedge number 6 is essential. I tried a credit card, and it did not work. Took off too much paint. You need a silicone wedge to drag the paint and charcoal.

The above is truly mixed media. I used a 9x12 canvas panel. Collage pieces of old, yellow pattern papers and bleeding tissue are underneath the paint. Then heavy body gesso, then drawing with charcoal. Paint, charcoal, gesso, paint, charcoal, pencil in layers. We moved to colored pencils in the final steps. I am not completely satisfied with this, as I don't think she looks like a little girl or whimsical at all. I should have made the face rounder. But in teaching me what I wanted to learn to achieve all of that luscious glimpse of what is underneath? Perfection!

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