Monday, July 9, 2018

Day 98

Day 98 with a Dina stamp

This ever changing pot of petunias on my deck makes me so happy

100 Tags!!!

This is a screen shot of Instagram from last night.
I finished the last 3 tags yesterday. Started and finished, actually. I guess once I admitted I was down to the bare bones of ideas, that freed something up in my head. The very last tag is full of color which was intentional. I wanted it to end on a positive, uplifting note.

Every night after supper the dogs and I go out on the deck, and the petunias are my source of joy. So many colors in one pot. Starting to look a little depressed with the heat, even though I water them every day. I hope they last for the summer.

I have mentioned before that I started to follow Jill Faust on Instagram. THIS was her post last night, and it mesmerizes me. I can tell that she is using the same techniques that we are learning in Mindy's classes, but on a more realistic scale. I love this painting! She also has some ink videos on YouTube.

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