Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Day 100

The entire stack, I think

But Mom. I don't want to be on the internet!
I have completed this challenge. Whew! Proud of the fact that I never missed a day. Even when I had nothing, sitting at the desk trying to come up with just one more idea.

Yesterday my new phone arrived. After trying to figure out how to transfer my contacts from the old phone to the new, which is just not possible for normal humans who like step by step instructions, I decided to visit my local Verizon store.

I want to state this clearly: people who work for Verizon, or AT&T, or Sprint, or Best Buy that deal with today's technology and the morons who are holding that technology in their hands do not make enough money. No idea what they are paid, but trust me, it is not near enough. I had no problem communicating what I needed, or understanding what I was being told. But while I was waiting in line, which is actually sit your butt down and play on your phone, I witnessed a woman enter the store. When approached by an employee, she asked what part was the Apple fix it section. You know. Where one of them Apple people tell you what you need to do to stop people from looking at YOUR porn on the internet that YOU posted.

I am not making this up.

The Verizon employee didn't even bat an eye. Honest. No flinch, no gasp, just explained that they didn't have an Apple section, that the Apple store is at Keystone Crossing on the north side, and was there something they could help her with? Was she a Verizon customer? Why, no, she was not. But she sure did need some advice on her IPhone.

Did I mention that during this entire conversation, she had a call on her phone that she answered as soon as she entered, and said in a loud, no nonsense voice to the person on the line, DO NOT SAY ANOTHER WORD AND HANG ON! So all of the above was going out on her line.

There was another customer sitting across from me about my age. We just looked at each other, and I swear, rolled our eyes at exactly the same second. Made my day. Worth the wait.  Have a good one.

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