Saturday, June 16, 2018


Day 75 in black and white

A double page spread in the Dina oversized journal

Single page spread, using an old tag, washi tape

I am suppose to practice my mark making, doing the variety on our list, every day for 10 minutes. I get as far as saying to myself, "You should be making marks". So decided to combine the practice with art journaling. The double page spread has marks made with a green and a black Stabilo All Pencil, then smudged out with water. Love those pencils.

I think I've always been a mark maker anyway. I like adding random areas of paint with a brayer, as I did in the double page spread.

We are heading to the dog park with OFF spray, before the sun heats the air too much. Going to be a great day for air conditioning. Stay cool.

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