Friday, June 15, 2018

Day 74

Art does indeed make me happy. It helps keep me sane (I know, that point is debatable) .
I can always turn to a project when stressed and this week has had it's share.

Please vote. Please stay informed. Please have compassion and empathy for what others are enduring right now, this moment, in our country. It hurts my head and heart. Depression and anxiety have become a way of life, because we have lost our rule of law and sense of checks and balances. If you think this is all distant, not touching you, my friend you are wrong.

I teach fitness classes to seniors. I had to devise an evacuation plan this week, on my own, just in case there is an incident at our fitness facility. Yes, something happened that motivated me to do this. No one was hurt, no one was challenged, but the fact remains that it could have become an ugly situation. THIS is now my world. And it is nuts.

Art and dogs make me happy.

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