Thursday, June 14, 2018

Day 73 with dogs

Collage and paint and sewing

Mom? He's in my spot!

Mom? She's touching me, Mom!!

It's called sharing. Deal with it.
My dogs never allow each other to touch them. Never. Jake will occasionally stoop to letting Gracie lick his face. She likes to do that, especially if she senses food in his beard. But this? This behavior above in the 3 photos? Has never happened before. I love it. After all, I tell them constantly they are brother and sister. Normally when I open the front door for them, Jake will be up front, closest to the door, and Gracie is behind him looking over his body. But Gracie is getting more bossy with age. Maybe that's it.

Today's tag had layers of paint and stamping on it that I didn't like. So I painted the black almost over the entire tag, then found some text paper with paint on it. I put the gel medium on thick, so let it rest overnight before coming back to the project. I had purchased a roll of burlap ribbon, 2 inches wide, with numbers printed on it. And promptly "put it away" to "save for the perfect project". Isn't that dumb? Been sitting in one of the ribbon totes for over a year. Pulled that out and whacked off the 1, then sat down at the sewing machine. Love using up the stash.

Enjoy your day.

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