Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Day 72

A page from an antique school primer

In front of a friend's house

How vibrant a welcome is this?
The tag for today has some paint as a base, with collage and stitching. After I glued the reader page pieces to the tag, it still felt incomplete. To the sewing machine! Added just the right touch.

I love Clematis. Have never had luck in growing them. I have tried, at 2 different houses, but just not my plant. But this is gorgeous. The owners do have to aggressively prune it back so they can get their mail, though.

FYI: do with this as you will. I received an email from Credit Karma, the free credit score website, that I have been hacked. They strongly recommend I change all of my online passwords, but did give me the one password that was hacked. I will do that, but here is the interesting part. After they confirmed who I was, they told me that the hack happened in 2016 (last election), and they can't reveal the source of the hack due to an ongoing investigation. So passing along what I've been told. Helpful suggestions: do not store your passwords online. Write them down. Turn your WiFi router off or unplug it for a few minutes, along with your computer, and reboot it all. IF you can, change your WiFi password as well as website passwords. Do not use your pet's names as passwords. And make them as complicated as you can. Some of mine are now 10 digits long. And make absolutely no sense to anyone except me.

We should not live in paranoia, but we need to be aware of what is happening in this world.

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