Saturday, June 30, 2018

Day 89

Organizing stuff yesterday and came across old rub-ons from scrapbooking days

Working on loose sketching, making marks

I was watching the X-Files on BBCAmerica. Influence???

Added some color with gouache paint. 
I know logically that the Mindy Lacefield style of painting is simplistic. I know it takes practice when you are trying any new art form or method. But let me say, this has given me fits. There are a few things going on at the same time. All of the information from Ardith's class is flowing around my brain, and I am making an effort to hold my tools differently, particularly any drawing tool. It DOES make a difference. I am making all types of marks to find my own marks that will become part of my painting style. And then I am convinced I can do these little, whimsical girls, except they come out sometimes looking like little cranky old ladies. Case in point:
Looks like she wants to take a large stick to little children in her yard
I have always, always had a problem with profiles, or 3/4 faces looking to the side. It is my mental block. So I did one more and started as I normally do, with the eyes. Drew the shape of the face around it after I completed the features and that was an improvement. I didn't take a pic, forgot. Because I am old, and probably look like I want to take a stick to the kids that tease the dogs. OOPPPS. Did that pop out of my mouth?

One more note: I had 2 General Sketch and Wash pencils in my stash. Never used them until yesterday. All of the above except the girl in color were drawn with that pencil, then I wet a brush and worked the graphite around. Fell in love with this effect. They are cheap if you are interested, and everyone sells them. The girl in color was drawn with a medium Derwent charcoal pencil.

Go forth and create this weekend. Too blazing hot and humid to do anything else.

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