Friday, June 29, 2018

Day 88 and dogs and a bat named Ralph

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Gracie will look at me if I am not holding the phone. So it has become difficult to get a pic of her straight on. Jake, on the other hand, will do just about whatever I say. He is Mama's Boy. Sooooo very much a mama's boy.

Out of tags but not worried. We are heading to the dog park early due to the incoming heat wave. Then home for the remainder of the day, staying in the nice air conditioning. My plan is to work on art projects all afternoon. Hard to believe we are at Day 88

His name was Ralph
My life can be really dull or highly interesting. It seems there is no in-between. Yesterday I dropped the dogs off at Puppy Playground for a bath. Came home and pulled the quilt out of the back of my Escape, took it out into the driveway to shake off the dog fur. Rolled it up, and went into the house. I started the washer, and reached down to pick up the quilt and saw the above on a corner. My first thought was Jake had taken a giant chunk of fur out of Gracie, although he has never done that. Then I saw the wings, and realized I had a dead bat on the quilt. Those little ends of the wings were attached to the material, so I had to gently pry. He did not smell. But he was stiff. I placed him on a paper towel and took his picture. Then I wrapped him up and placed him in the trash.

How did a bat get inside my car, on the underside of the dog's quilt you ask? Beats me, but my windows are usually down or cracked open in the garage. Guess I have to stop doing that.

Rest in peace, Ralph. Wish I knew your story.

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