Thursday, June 28, 2018

Day 87

Started with gel plate printing, then added Pitt Pens

Oh, I am open alright....

Beginning of a 5x7 canvas panel

2nd canvas panel

And here they are together, propped up on the ledge of the cases in the studio
I may have mentioned a time or two that I am nuts. This appears to be a continuing process of me growing a tad more crazy with each new venture. I have YET to finish my large abstract. And here we are, off into another rabbit hole with Cathy on making little Mindy Lacefield portraits from her online classes. And speaking in a southern accent, which, by the way, is highly contagious.

Bless their hearts.

However. And this is a big however. I realized yesterday in the process of layering on the small canvases, I was performing the exact methods that Ardith and Shauna have been teaching in the 6 week class on non-representational abstracts. It is all a learning process. Every single class, every single canvas or piece of paper. And a ton of fun. The above have pattern pieces and muslin, yes, muslin, adhered to the panel with gel medium. And we painted on top of that for lots of texture. Look at the close up of the girl's face. That is the edge of a piece of muslin across the center.

I am so going to do this again.

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