Monday, June 11, 2018

Day 70

Day 70 with a message

The abstract from class. I let this sit for a week, decided I hated it

Yesterday started the deconstruction
We are working on tints and shades of colors in class. This is probably going to blow your mind, because it did mine.

First up, not all black and white paints are created equal. I was using Liquitex Heavy Body White Acrylic in the jar for mixing. It gives a tint all of it's own to the tints you are trying to achieve. During the live class feed yesterday, I asked Ardith about this. She said that is the reason she uses Ultrecht's Professional White Gesso, because it has a high level of titanium and is almost a pure white.

If you look at this last photo, the bright color to the right is Golden's Burnt Orange fluid. When I mixed that with a hint of Carbon Black, I got the dark squares you see across the bottom third of the canvas. That I like. It's rich, has depth, makes a wonderful contrast. When I mixed the Burnt Orange with the Liquitex white, I got that mauve/pink that is scattered around the canvas. That will be covered, but the paint was getting so thick I had to let this dry overnight.

I have an idea of where to take this, but was getting frustrated yesterday so had to stop and walk away. It is also time for some mark making on this piece. More to come.

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