Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 69 and a little more

I was practicing my mark making

This week's affirmation is the letter X

No word. Just the letter X. 

Art journaling last night

I was rummaging through my collage papers, and found the page of text that had been gel printed. It just caught my eye, so for a half hour I sat and cut it up into petals and glued it down in the journal with gel medium. A piece of gel printed deli paper was used for the center of the flowers. I found this soothing. You can tell when I am upset with the news, because I will go to one of the journals and start something repetitive. I worked on 3 different spreads last night.  This is how I cope.

After creating the flowers and drawing the basic face, I went over it with a palette knife and gesso. Decided that wasn't enough brightness and I wanted more of a resist, so added heavy body Liquitex white acrylic paint. Let it dry for several hours while I worked on other spreads, and then added water color and pen work. I did not achieve the look I was going for, but this is closer than I've been before. Getting there. She looks sad, doesn't she? Well, she is sad. Stupid is as stupid does.....

How many X's can one put on a tag? I didn't count, just kept going. That was fun.

I have had this stencil for ages. It was a freebie from Stencil Girl that they chose for me. Yes, there is a story and I have not ordered from Stencil Girl since that story. But the 3 houses so close together reminded me of the south side of Chicago, as I'm sure it reminds others of the cities where they grew up. So the sideways lettering states: Childhood on the south side of Chicago. 6109 S Wood St. Reflections.

Memories of a much simpler time.

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