Saturday, June 9, 2018

Day 68

Part of my abstract Expression workshop, just on a tag

Lily the Foxhound came to spend the day yesterday

She followed me into the studio and went under the table

This is what happened to my left. I was trapped, unable to move the chair

So I turned the tv on in the living room, hoping to lure everyone out there.

11x18 watercolor paper workshop abstract in vertical position

In horizontal position, which is what it was suppose to be
Lily, known as Silly Lily, is a Foxhound mix that grew up with Gracie at the dog park. She is now 10 years old, and battling cancer. Last year she lost her left front leg to this disease, and is currently on chemotherapy in a pill form. Consequently, she can't go to doggie day care. It becomes complicated, but has to do with liability. Lily's mom, Vicky, asked if I could take her for the day. She was having work done at the house, and Lily would be stressed beyond acceptable levels.

Jake was a perfect gentleman. He barked at her at first, then sniffed, walked away. I told him he was still man of the house, and my boy. He accepted that with dignity, and watched the proceedings carefully. Gracie was a bossy Aussie bitch. Her house, Her rules, Her mom, Her furniture, what are you doing on that couch, Lily? I did not get a lot of work done, because I was constantly walking into other rooms telling Gracie to knock it off, and assuring Lily that this was all temporary and her mom would rescue her later in the day. If they had all been at the dog park or doggie day care, none of this would have happened. Life with dogs.

I am struggling with the abstracts and it shows. The one above is done as far as I'm concerned. I did post it in class, and Ardith said it was a good beginning, but I am lost on what to do next, so leaving it alone. Still can't quite see the forest for the trees, but standing on the path. This may never become clear, but you don't know until you try. This piece has helped me to determine what questions to ask myself before I begin to paint.

Lesson 3 will arrive in email today. Yeah, boy.

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