Friday, June 8, 2018

Day 67

Old Mac to the left, new Mac to the right

My compromise because I can't get the plant holders up on the posts. Grass is browning already.
Today's tag was a gel print from the last session with Cathy. The old paper at the bottom is from an antique ledger. The white stickers with the saying and numbers are from a Heidi Swapp collection.

I finally set up the new Mac, but the old Mac is still chugging along. Decided to keep this set up for at least a week, to make sure everything runs smoothly. I did have to call Apple Care last night to help set up the email on the new Mac. Had something to do with the migration from the old to the new, and the way the ICloud information was listed. So glad that lady was on the phone, because I would have never figured it out. Took her awhile, too, so I don't feel bad.

I have been rearranging plants and what not in the backyard. The first goal was to put hanging baskets off the fence posts. I do have 2 up on the west side, but the drill died, so this is what we have on the north side of the yard. It will do. Gives Jake something to aim at, if you get my drift.... Due to the additional time outdoors, I am loaded with mosquito bites. What the hell? How can we be in dry conditions and have those guys buzzing around?

Hot and humid outside means a day in the studio. Hopefully. Stay cool.

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