Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Day 64

Today we have happy colors. Colors that make me smile. I need to smile.

"I read the news today, Oh, Boy!" John Lennon

I go through spurts of saying I am not going to listen to what is going on in this country, and just try to live my own life. And then I have sleepless nights, because how can you not listen, how can you not care? We have a President who stated, on Twitter, that the legal experts have assured him he can pardon himself, which he won't do because he isn't guilty of anything.  First question: does this country have a precedent for this situation? Unfortunately, yes. Richard M. Nixon. He also asked the experts, and they told him no, Mr. President, you are unable to execute your own pardon. If you recall, or even if you are old enough to remember, President Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon, so the country could heal and move on. It was a brilliant move on Ford's part, because Nixon immediately faded into the background in disgrace, and we did, as a nation, move on. But the attitude in Washington DC is very different today.

A self proclaimed pedophile is running for office in Virginia. What have we become, that a man who admits he likes having sex with children is seeking a government career?

I apologize for this downer post. But it is either I express my own opinion on my own blog, or my head will explode. Please. Please. Please. Speak Up! Vote! In some small way, become an activist. It matters. YOUR voice matters. Every. Single. Day.
Thank You.

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