Sunday, June 3, 2018

Day 62 and Affirmations

Weekly affirmation is Whimsical. Pencil drawing on tag

Day 62 stencil on top of gel plate print
I took a walk back through the 60 some tags yesterday, just to see the difference. I can tell a difference in my approach from 2 months ago to what I am doing today. The classes I have been taking are embedded in my brain, with the lessons coming out in my work. THAT is exactly what I wanted to happen. I love the fact it has become second nature to go one more step, push an idea just a little bit further. In fact, when I was evaluating the abstract I am currently working on yesterday, I told myself it was a good beginning. This canvas has layers of paint and now collage on it, but I know it is still just forming. I'm not frustrated or inpatient as I would have been just a year ago. Walking through the steps.
Now it is time for some mark making, wreck the marks, and add contrast. More contrast. The black dots are tissue paper, as are the black letters. They will be a hint of a memory the next time you see this. I am enjoying this journey.

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