Saturday, June 2, 2018

Day 61 and more

Day 61 with some stamping

2nd basecoats on this abstract. So, so far from being anywhere near complete

Cute. Couldn't leave this alone

Still not happy

Added some Neocolor ll marks and more water color
What others like about my work, or don't like, fascinates me. I can make a tag that I think is just so-so, and Instagram goes wild. I put out a tag that I think is one of my best, and Instagram yawns. My feelings are not being hurt, my pride is not injured, I am just curious what attracts others to art. The lessons we are being taught in Ardith's classes, and in other classes I have taken, are enforcing what I am witnessing. Contrast, contrast, contrast. Kind of like location, location, location. Sigh.

I was on YouTube yesterday, watching old videos from purplemailbox, aka soaphousemama. The need to watercolor a face and then keep going hit. The above is not what I intended to end with, it just became. I think I'm going to have to wreck more faces before I get what I am after. Does that make sense? As long as I enjoy the process, that's all that matters.

Onward. The abstract needs some paint today so it can dry for tomorrow. Patience is needed in painting abstracts, if you want those luscious layers to shine through. And I do. Thanks for stopping by.

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