Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Day 51 and I R Nuts

This poor tag has so many layers on it...
I received an email a few days ago from Donna Downey Studios. I have taken a ton of classes from Donna, and enjoy her as an instructor. In the past few years, she veered into oil paints and I did not. I used oils in school, and am now sensitive to odors. Just like the water clean-up of acrylics. But Donna was offering a free (uh huh) Webinair yesterday at 2 different times, on how to paint a face.

Dang. Can't pass that up.

The catch came at the end. She has a new workshop painting 100 faces. Am I obsessed with the number 100? Beginning to sound like it. Because "we" watched the live web stream, "we" were offered a discount. A hefty discount. You guessed it. Out came the credit card. The hook was that we can use either oils or acrylics, although she is working in oils. I just watched the supply video. This will work!

Why am I nuts? I just signed up for another 6 weeks with Ardith Goodwin on Expressionism Abstracts. That starts Saturday. THIS coming Saturday. I now have the first 10 faces from Donna, and the remaining 90 will be added as she does them. But for real, there are going to be 100 faces. We are half way through The 100 Days Project. Almost done with the 26 affirmations, but I'm not.....need to do those.

But. But.....I want to learn more on how to paint faces. I want to learn how to do abstracts that grab the viewer and make them say, WOW. The only way to do that is to paint. To listen to those who know how to paint, and to paint. Over and over again.

This, my friends, is retirement!

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