Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Day 50

Obviously, I worked on this last Friday as the news hit about Texas. The attitude about arming teachers and school staff is infuriating.  To me, this tag represents the chaos that now exists in our country.

On another note, I am halfway through the 100 day challenge, and now out of tags. I physically have tags on hand, they just aren't completed. Or really started. Today I will once again get busy.

I have gone back through my Instagram feed to see what the most popular tags are, trying to track if it is a color scheme, or collage, whatever that attracts people. No clue, except the audience seems to like bright colors more than subdued, and contrast more than monochromatic. I am to the point that I try to create something different than what I have already done. There are colors I won't use. Brown. Sorry, brown, just not dynamic or appealing to me. I tend towards all shades of yellow and red. In one of Dina Wakley's classes online, she said if you use colors you don't like, you will not like the finished product. So there is that.

Back to work.

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