Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day 47

Get it???
If you never watched the old X Files, Fox Mulder is the name of the main character who investigates strange cases known as the X Files. I was and still am a huge fan of the original 7 seasons. This past season sucked eggs, in my humble opinion. But back in the 90's, the scripts were inventive, daring, strange, and very often hilarious. One of my favorite television episodes ever, from any series, is the vampire episode. I recently watched it again, which was probably the 15th time, and laughed.

This tag was gel printed in Ohio, and I borrowed Tracie's Natalie Kalbach stamp set for the X's. I then ordered my own. So X's were added the other day when the tag was completed.

One of the main take aways for me with this 100 day project is continuously adding paint, ink, stamping, whatever to the base tag. Prior to starting this, I would take a tag that had gel plate paint on it, and leave it as is. No more. I am now pulling out paint, or markers, or water colors, and enhancing what is already there. This is no exception. I added Distress Oxide blue, darkened the gold/yellow with markers, and added some olive green.  The lessons learned with the Ardith Goodwin abstraction class are also creeping into all of my work. Contrast, contrast, contrast will make or break a project. She is absolutely right. I am liking what I see more now than when I started 7 weeks ago. Dang. Time is flying. We are almost half way.

Onward. Anyone watching the wedding? I wasn't invited.

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