Sunday, May 20, 2018

Day 48 and Affirmations

This week's affirmation is UNRAVEL

As in, Gee, this isn't going the way I planned

Tag 48 with b&w accent paper courtesy of Klara

1972. My mom, dad, and me

Add the family dog at the time. His name was Tramp. I called him Moose.
Day 48 is a mixture of collage and paint. Using collage elements is one of the techniques that Ardith encourages us to add to our paintings. I have always enjoyed playing with collage, and I think that is a hold over from scrap booking to mixed media. Probably the main reason why most mixed media artists came from the paper craft era.

Weekly Affirmation: I was thinking of Washington, DC when I did this tag. Remember to vote this year. It is more important now than it was even 6 months ago. VOTE!!!

I was going through old photos the other night, trying to find something to use as a basis for a drawing for Ardith's class. Came across 4 black and white photos, no date on the back, of my parents and me. Based on the length of my hair and the bell bottoms, I am guessing 1972 or 73. I had some fairly wide bell bottoms. How I walked and didn't whip myself to death is a mystery. But I do remember when it rained, bell bottom blue jeans were a stupid fashion statement. All of that material dragging on the ground (yeah, another fashion statement, so the ends would fray) would get soaked. Great workout, though. No wonder I weighed 115 pounds!

So in this photo, if it was 1972, I was 24 or 25 depending on the time of year, my dad was 60, my mom 59 or 60, depending on when it was taken. Both my mom and I have birthdays in November. Tramp was 2. My baby. He was a good dog.

Who else had plants on every window sill in the house? That was my mom. Thanks for stopping by.

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