Friday, May 18, 2018

Day 46

Why yes, there is a story

See those raised white spots?

Day 46
When we were in Ohio, Klara graciously opened her scrap box and told us all to help ourselves. I started to rummage, and found strips of this black paper with raised white spots. I took one. I have cut it down, and was going to hoard it completely when I decided I wanted more. So sent a text to Klara, asking if she bought it or did she make it? She made it, with Golden's black fluid acrylic and puff paint. Hmmmm. Puff paint.

I had every intention of going to Michael's yesterday to purchase puff paint. Yeah, no, the day became too busy and that didn't happen. Last night I sent another text to Klara, verifying what type of paint I needed. "The Tulip paint we bought for Jane's class". Ding. Ding. Ding. The bells went off in my head. I bought that paint last year. It's in that room....somewhere....hidden....mocking me. Thought about it for a minute, and found it right away. I already had the paint. This is why we have friends who create right along with us.

Today's tag has two, and the inside reveals a handmade sticker that Tracie gave me. Love it.

On the agenda today, along with a zillion other things that I should be doing, I am planning on making black paper with white dots, and white paper with black dots. Or lines.  I also must start my last painting for the Ardith class. Must. Enjoy yourselves.


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    1. Started making paper, but had to stop. It is not easy squeezing those Tulip bottles, and I am still nursing tendonitis in my right arm. But thanks again!!!